Android Market update released Motorola XOOM


Users of the Motorola XOOM tablet of the Wi-Fi only type are in for more treat than the OTA update to Android 3.2.1 that they received about a week ago. There is a whole new update that has been made available though all of it is about making things simple yet elegant at the Android Market. Also, … [Read more...]

ZTE SmartTab 10 hits FCC


Close on the heels of the ZTE Smart Tab 7 appearing on the FCC scene, the Chinese company has now made it to the premier certification authority another of its tablet creation -- the Smart Tab 10. With this, what also becomes evident is the that both of these Android based tablets will soon be seen … [Read more...]

Publishers Joining the Ebook-Only Venture


With all of the buzz—both positive and extremely negative—surrounding the large number of literary agents now exploring ebook-only titles for their author clients, a new level of credibility and respectability has come out in the form of a major publishing house expanding to release the digital … [Read more...]