• Albert

    I tend to wonder how much actual increase in sales that represents. whether it is number of units sold, or sales revenue generated. With all the offers that go on all the time, I doubt I spend more than a couple of dollars a month for my Audible subscription on average.

    In any case, I am a big fan, and what I love most about Audible, aside from the very nice software, is the option to buy a full audio TTC course with a credit, a huge discount over what they charge at their official site. I listen to them pretty much every day.

  • Martha Smith

    I’ve bought a bunch of audiobooks this year, but mostly due to whispersync discount pricing (discount when you have purchased the ebook).

  • peterstrong7

    good, I’ve been looking for http://www.19216811.co

  • LoriW.Leisure

    Keep watching… Add another item to my To Do List

  • LoriW.Leisure

    By the way, more To Do List samples at http://www.yummydocs.com/to-do-list-template

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