Top 5 Casino Apps for Smartphones


Over recent years, there has been a huge boom in the popularity of online gaming, especially at casino online. With more and more gamers choosing to play whilst on the go, what are the current casino games for your Android driven smartphone? GSN Casino The GSN app is perfect for anyone who … [Read more...]

Meego OS concept for Tablet PC’s


On Feb 11, 2011 industry leaders Nokia and Microsoft announced plans to form a broad partnership that would utilize there complementary strengths. While there was nothing specifically stated about the future of the MeeGo OS, it appears that both companies will have there hand's full and the chance's … [Read more...]

Apple giving refunds for iPad 1 purchases


In an effort to attract new buyer's for there new release product's, Apple is offering a partial refund to the consumer's who purchased an iPad up to two week's before the iPad2's March 2 debut. In simple term's, if you purchased an iPad after February 16th, you are eligible to receive the refund. … [Read more...]

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