Ace of Tennis Android App Review


Ace of Tennis is a stark departure from the quintessential tennis simulator. Most sports games normally feature cartoony graphics or strive for realism. Ace of Tennis has done something entirely unique, they have developed an RPG based game with unique rackets, outfits and doubles partners. Ace … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Epic Android App Review


Rovio took a departure from the standard Angry Birds formula with the advent of Angry Birds GO! The game was basically done in a similar vein as Mario Cart, but did not see the critical success of the standard slingshot mechanics. Angry Birds Epic has hit Android and it deviates further with an RPG … [Read more...]

Dragon Quest VIII Android App Review


Dragons Quest is a cultural icon in Japan, much akin to Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy. Dragon Quest VIII sold close to 5 million copies worldwide on the Playstation 2 and now has hit Android. Prepare to set out on the road with Yangus, Jessica, and Angelo on an epic quest to lift the curse that … [Read more...]

Video: Google Play on the Nook HD


Barnes and Noble announced a few weeks ago that the entire Nook HD Tablet line will get full access to Google Play. We have heard from many readers that they intend to buy one for the first time, or decided to stick with their device because of this new enhancement. Google Play gives international … [Read more...]

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