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Peter Carotenuto

is a graduate of the Vancouver Film school and is extensively involved in the local Film Industry. He is an accomplished actor and has been in many of the Vancouver based movies and made for television shows. Peter is the head of the Good e-Reader media division and is responsible for all of our video editing and production. You can e-mail him at

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The Amazon Fire TV has been out for a few months and there are not very many solid Zombie style games. Into the Dead is likely the best of the bunch and today Peter of Good e-Reader takes a look on how the experience plays out and using the Amazon Gamepad.

Into the Dead throws you into the gruesome world of the zombie apocalypse where there are no second chances. Do what you have to in order to stay alive, keep moving as fast as you can, and protect yourself by any means necessary. When the Dead are rising, run!

The whole point of this game is to run into an ever increasing horde of zombies. You can either dodge them or kill them to get by, but you never stop running and never run away from them.

You can find weapons in supply crates. Or you can start with a gun, but it’s gonna cost you. You can buy a head start that starts you at 1500 meters. You can have a dog with you, he will kill zombies for you, and cries when you die. You can buy extra ammunition, and more supply crates. There are 3 modes,, Classic, Hardcore, massacre. In classic you run for your life, in hardcore it’s hardcore. In massacre you kill as many zombies as you can. You can compare your score with friends, overall a great game, with temple run aspects, and you change your weapons and zombie looks!


Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse is the Sega Genesis classic reimagined for Android. The premise of the game has you playing Mickey on a quest to save his darling Minnie from the evil witch Mizrabel clutches.

This game reminds me of Mario 64, in the respect that you enter different worlds and complete them. You earn stars and gems which unlock different doors. From a gameplay point of view, it functions as a platformer that is very 2D in nature, but the backgrounds are all 3D. You can shoot projectiles at dancing clowns or windup knights.

Mickey himself is also exquisitely animated, as is absolutely everything else in Castle of Illusion. There are many different locations, such as Toy fortresses and enormous libraries that manage to make mundane objects both awe-inspiring and menacing, and a fully revamped Candy Land, featuring milkshake rivers and a licorice dragon, could win the award for the most colorful set piece of the year. Castle of Illusion may be short, but its abundance of ideas never runs dry, and that’s never been more evident than in this HD remake.

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Ace of Tennis is a stark departure from the quintessential tennis simulator. Most sports games normally feature cartoony graphics or strive for realism. Ace of Tennis has done something entirely unique, they have developed an RPG based game with unique rackets, outfits and doubles partners.

Ace of Tennis has a very unique list of doubles partners from crazy pets to anime infused characters. Your rackets can be anything from a large pizza pan to a snow shovel.

Ace of Tennis has three game modes: First, World Tour, Tournament Matches. It also features multi-player to compete against other users. When the moment gauge is full, touch the screen, there serve gets stronger. You have to touch the screen when two circles overlap each other in order to complete a serve.

This game is quite a lark and has zanny equipment and doubles partners. Ace of Tennis is available for free from the Good e-Reader App Store.

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Rovio took a departure from the standard Angry Birds formula with the advent of Angry Birds GO! The game was basically done in a similar vein as Mario Cart, but did not see the critical success of the standard slingshot mechanics. Angry Birds Epic has hit Android and it deviates further with an RPG experience.

The story begins with a unique twist to the quintessential Angry Birds formula, with the pigs stealing your eggs. Well actually, this has been a mainstay plot device employed on every single game they ever made. You start off as the Red Bird and are introduced to the gameplay mechanics. Eventually, you will unlock extra birds, such as Chuck (the yellow dude), and Bomb. All birds have their own unique attacks and abilities – Chuck, for example, can attack all enemies at once with a lightning strike, while Red unleashes a heavy blow at a single opponent. Same goes for the enemies – different pigs have different strengths and weaknesses, which you can actually view during battle.

The difficulty of the game soars higher than the mighty eagle in short order. You will need to loot and craft equipment and weapons, which actually all look different on each bird you outfit. There is also plenty of stat boosts you can purchase via microtransactions. It all feels mostly contrived and is an obvious money grab. See the rest of our review in the video below.

Download Angry Birds Epic for Android for free from the Good e-Reader App Store.

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Dragons Quest is a cultural icon in Japan, much akin to Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy. Dragon Quest VIII sold close to 5 million copies worldwide on the Playstation 2 and now has hit Android. Prepare to set out on the road with Yangus, Jessica, and Angelo on an epic quest to lift the curse that threatens your kingdom.

Final Fantasy remakes proliferate the iPad and the Android ecosystem. The character art and environments are totally redone. The Dragon Quest VIII game is a straight port, which means if you played the original on Playstation, you are basically getting it mirrored.

The combat is consistently challenging with excellent boss fights that will really challenge your RPG skills. You absolutely have to pay attention, which is refreshing for an RPG. The story is simple yet wonderfully told with some touching moments throughout. The graphics, while simple, are carefully crafted with heavy attention to detail. Every room, enemy, and scene is crafted with care. The game is also huge. Lots of secrets, lots to see, lots to do, and a long story to play through. It will take you 60 hours easily to finish the main quest.

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Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video Review. Today we are looking at the brand new Skytex Skypad SP727 Android tablet. How does it handle HD video, eBooks or top end games? We let you know exactly what to expect if you are thinking about buying this.

The SkyPad SP727 has seven inch display screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600. Underneath the hood is a Cortex-A9 1.3 GHz quad-core Processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB Storage. You can elect to expand it up to 32 GB via the Micro SD if that is not enough for you.

Running on one of the latest Android operating systems, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the SP727 is equipped for you to surf the web, play apps, and read eBooks.

The Skytex Skypad definitely contends with the big boys of 2014. Skytex really goes out of their way to make app discovery both simple and plentiful. HDMI out, a corner mounted camera, and enough processing power to run any app or game available in today’s market makes the Skytex Skypad SP727 a quick, affordable, robust little tablet.

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The staff at Good e-Reader have been working on fumes this year with such a copious amount of e-reading devices that have come out in 2013. We have reviewed close to 70 different tablets, e-readers, smartwatches and the tech that goes into consumer devices. Today, Peter looks at the top 5 e-reading devices of 2013!

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Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video Review! Today we look at the PDF e-Reading experience on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7! Many people have written in and asked us to take a deeper look and the overall functionality and how comic books, newspapers and large PDF’s look.

Over the course of this video, we mainly look at the built in Adobe PDF Reader. We decided to go with the stock one, because its the experience most people will find themselves in for the first time. Obviously you can load in your own specialized PDF apps, if you have a particular favorite. The 7 inch HD screen really shines with more graphic heavy content. Pinching and zooming is fairly robust and we show you how everything looks, both in landscape and portrait.

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Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video Review! Today we take a look at the top 5 e-Reading apps for Windows Phone 8! Obviously, the mobile Windows OS is a bit different from iOS and Android. You won’t find the same mainstream apps available, so we offer advice on the most essential.

Over the course of the review, we extensively document; Bookvisor, eBook Reader, Kindle, Legimi and a few others! We give you hands on, to show you everything from the loading time to the core features. You can get a strong sense of what app might be better for you, whether you want to buy books or load your own in.

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Barnes and Noble announced a few weeks ago that the entire Nook HD Tablet line will get full access to Google Play. We have heard from many readers that they intend to buy one for the first time, or decided to stick with their device because of this new enhancement. Google Play gives international users a viable ecosystem of content to tap into, and for the first time, you can use the Nook outside of the US and UK.

The Nook HD and HD+ are fairly economical in price, due to the recent discounting. The resolution and internal processor speeds are fairly robust. To be honest, these are great tablets that give you a big bang for your buck. In the past, users had to make due with Barnes and Noble’s own curated app store. The one drawback is the absence of any business that competes directly with the bookstore chain. You won’t find any Amazon, Kobo, Sony, or comic reader apps. Now that the Nook’s have access to Google Play, you will be able to download all of this and more!

Now that Google Play is available via a new automatic firmware update, there is a breath of life infused into the Nook HD and HD+. 750,000 apps are at your fingertips, and in our video review, we show you how the entire experience looks on the Nook HD. You can get a sense on how big the update is, and how it looks.

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Video: Amazon Coin Review

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Amazon Coins

Amazon has just released its new Coins program, which acts as a virtual currency to buy apps or to buy in-app content. Every account registered to a Kindle gets 500 free coins that you can spend on whatever you want. Amazon also sells packs of coins, which you can use to buy things in bulk. Not everyone has updated their apps yet to support coins, but there is a ton of stuff you can buy. This video navigates you through the coins program as we tell you all about it and even buy some apps.

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google nexus vs nook hd

The Google Nexus 7 and Barnes and Noble Nook HD are two devices that most people who want to read ebooks think about buying. You can go with the software agnostic approach of the Nexus, where you have tons of options on who you want to deal with, or you can instead go with the closed ecosystem with Barnes and Noble, whose sole premise is the reading experience. Both bring some interesting hardware and software elements to the table, which should appeal to all digital readers. Today, we compare both of these tablets against each other.

Our video comparison documents how ebooks, magazines, newspapers, comics, and a myriad of other content. We also conduct extensive audio, video, and internet tests, to see how it holds up under real world conditions.

The Barnes and Noble HD lives up to its name with a seven inch IPS capacitive touchscreen display and a resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels. This is the highest resolution tablet the company has ever released. The Nook Tablet had 1024 x 600 and the Nook Color had the exact same. Newspapers, magazines, and videos look way better on this unit than the prior models.

Underneath the hood sits a TI OMAP 4470 1.3GHz dual-core CPU processor and 1GB of RAM. Memory wise, there is a 8 GB and 16 GB models, depending on your needs. Barnes and Noble is fairly consistent with giving customers expandable memory via the Micro SD. You can get it going to almost 64 GB of added storage, which would be perfect for your media.

The Google Nexus 7 features a seven inch capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280×800. The resolution overall is fairly solid and videos looked a little bit better than the Apple iPad Mini and Kindle Fire HD. One of the strongest elements this tablet has going for it is the processor. It crushes all other e-readers on the market with a Nvidia Tegra 3, quad-core 1.3 GHZ processor. In conjunction with 1 GB of RAM, you can multitask to your heart’s content and not experience stuttering while watching videos or turning the pages in ebooks.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD comes with a number of parental control options that make the tablet very family friendly. You can lock out specific aspects, such as email, store, videos, web-browser, and many others. In this Good e-Reader Video, we document the entire experience. You can receive step by step instructions on how to set this all up correctly and how it functions.

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