iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Reading


Many people skip a generation before buying the latest and greatest Apple product. The S line of smartphones tends to get lost in the shuffle between major updates in technology. With the advent of the iPhone 6 Plus, the question is, is it good for e-reading? Today, we look at the iPhone 5 and 6 […]

Is the iPhone 6 Plus Good for e-Reading?


The iPhone 6 Plus is the first large screen phone that Apple has ever released and is quite excellent at reading e-Books, comics, manga and staying on top of the daily news.  Unlike iPhones of the past, the 6 Plus actually makes the process of digital reading very enjoyable. The 6 Plus by Apple features […]

HP Steam 7 Review


The HP Stream 7 is one of the first of a new breed of seven inch tablets that have a full version of Windows and at $99 price point. Combined with Bluetooth and expandable storage via SD, you can really turn this into a fully featured laptop. Is this worth it to spend? It depends, […]

Inkcase Plus Hands on Review


The Inkcase Plus is a portable secondary e-ink touchscreen extension of  your Android smartphone. It was designed to connect via Bluetooth and run a series of dedicated apps that allow you to view pictures, read e-Books or use as a sports tracker. The InkCase Plus features a  3.5 inch 360 X 600 resolution Mobius e-ink […]

Inkcase Plus Unboxing Video


The Inkcase Plus is a secondary screen for your Android smartphone. It pairs up to your device using Bluetooth and once you install the e-reading app, it functions as a mini e-reader. This device features a 3.5 inch, 360 x 600 pixel  e-Ink display which is visible in direct sunlight. The low-power screen also only […]

Good e-Readers Top 5 Books of 2014


This time of year, everyone is coming out with essential reading lists to hopefully sell you a brand new e-Book for the holiday season! Here at Good e-Reader we simply enjoy the process of reading. This year, plenty of amazing fiction and non-fiction books came out and I take a look at the ones that […]

How to take Screenshots on the Kindle Voyage


The ability to take screenshots is not just relegated to phones or tablets, but your Kindle Voyage too. It is rather simple to take a screenshot of anything displayed on your screen. Today, we show you exactly how to do it in another Good e-Reader Video Tutorial. Taking screenshots just needs you to click on […]

Video: Cybook Ocean Frontlight Display Test


The Cybook Ocean is the first eight inch touchscreen e-reader and the main selling point is that you can fit more text on the screen at any given time than your standard six inch device. One of the big advancements of the Ocean is the new illumination technology that allows you to have control over […]

Bookeen Cybook Muse with Frontlight Review


Bookeen has just released a new e-reader that seemingly came out of nowhere, with no fanfare or advance hype. The Cybook Muse with Frontlight gives users the ability to read eBooks in many different formats and read in the dark. It allows you turn pages with both the touchscreen and manual buttons. Is this e-reader […]

Top e-Reader News Stories of the Week


Today we look back at the top news items of the week! Make sense of the shifting climates of digital publishing, eBooks and e-Readers in one concise video! Some of the news stories we follow this week are updates to the Amazon Kindle Fire Silk Browser for better security and the Sony Digital Paper available […]

The Best e-Readers and Tablets for the 2014 Holidays


Welcome to another Video Installment of the Good e-Reader Gift Giving Guide! Last month we did one on the best e-readers of 2014 and today we are basically looking back on 2014 and giving our advice for the best devices to buy yourself or a loved one. Peter and myself have very different views on […]

Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 2014 vs Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 2013


Hey everyone! Welcome back to another Good e-Reader Video Comparison. Today, we evaluate the new Amazon Fire HDX 8.9, which is the model released in late 2014 and the other model released a year ago. The new 8.9 HDX model has a few things going for it, that makes it a worthy upgrade. The main […]