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We have unboxed and gave a comprehensive hands on review of the new InkCase Plus secondary e-ink screen for Android smartphones and now its time to do a giveaway! We have two units available in their original retail packaging!

The Inkcase Plus connects up to your Android phone via Bluetooth. You can install the e-reading app from Google Play and use it as an autonomous e-book reader. It lasts about a month before you have to recharge it, and is a very unique piece of technology.

In order to be in the running you have to simply Like our Facebook Page, Like the video and drop a comment on the video itself, to let us know you are in the running. In two weeks we will do the draw, good luck to everyone!

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Amazon has released an entirely new portfolio of e-readers and tablets in the last few months and most of these devices are not yet available in most international markets. With the upcoming holiday season in full effect we want to do a giveaway of some of the review units. Today we are  happy to announce that we will be doing a raffle style drawing on December 15th 2014 for the Amazon Fire HD6 and the Kindle Basic Touch 2014 model.

Entering is really simply, you need to be subscribed to our YouTube channel and like the Video. Upon doing those two simply things just drop a comment on the video and let us know what one you want and why you want it! We will also pay the shipping no matter where you live in the world.

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When you release a new e-reader, how do you generate enough buzz without an expensive marketing campaign and a slew of television commercials? You appeal to the base of voracious readers that are most likely to buy it. In anticipation of the release of  the movie versions of Gillian Flynn’s hit suspense novels Gone Girl and Dark Places, Kobo has launched a new mystery campaign called ‘Going, Going Gone.’

Kicking off today, readers have the opportunity to channel their inner sleuth to solve puzzles by gathering clues found in three original short stories authored by acclaimed mystery writer Melissa Yi, available free of charge at the Kobo bookstore.

In the first story Cain and Abel, released today, readers are invited to go along for the ride when a camping weekend leads to much more drama – and distress – than desired.
Every two weeks, a new story will be released containing clues readers will use to figure out that story’s entry code. Three correct entry codes will enter readers into a contest for a chance to win a Kobo Aura H2O and $5,000 CAD.

How exactly do you play this little mystery game? Well, you need to download the Kobo app for Android or iOS. There are three books you have to read, Cain and Abel, Trouble and Strife (released September 16) and Butcher’s Hook (released September 29.) The six-week contest opens on September 29th and closes on October 10, one week after the release of Gone Girl on October 3.

Here are the exact riddles you need to know to enter the contest

Riddle #1

Leclaire to the west, Wabun to the east, Green to the north; in 1966, The Scottish Devil consumed their sister, a fish.
What did he eat?

Riddle #2

Check the frog and toad, his boom and missen was this fisherman’s daughter.
Where was he?

Riddle #3

K.S. took an interest in the final resting place of Richard Watts.
Where did he meet his end?

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KindleFire HDX 8_9

Welcome back to another Good e-Reader Contest where we orchestrate giveaways for all of the different review units we get! A few weeks ago we gave away a brand new Sony PRS-350 e-reader and today we have the latest generation tablet from Amazon, the Kindle Fire HDX 7.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 features a seven inch capacitive multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. The resolution is a huge upgrade from the previous generation which only had 1280 x 800. HD videos on Netflix and HD comics from Comixology are the most noticeable improvements.

Underneath the hood is a quad-core 2.2 GHZ processor and 2 GB of RAM. You have different models for storage and the entry level model has 16 GB of internal memory. When you take it out of the box for the first time there is only 8.8 GB of memory to play with and there is no expandable memory via SD.

We will do the draw for the Kindle Fire HDX on August 29th and you can watch it live on YouTube. To enter, you simply have to LIKE the contest video, subscribe to the channel and drop a comment on the CONTEST VIDEO.

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Welcome back to another Good e-Reader exclusive contest. Today we are giving away an e-reader we just found in our review labs, the Sony PRS-350.

The Sony PRS-350 and 650 were the most popular Sony e-readers the company ever produced. When they were first released on August 2010, they couldn’t keep them in stock on the retail level, due to ravenous demand.

I really liked the five inch display because it made it really pocket friendly. The resolution is 800×600 and features a touchscreen to flip the pages of your favorite book. There is no WIFI built into it, so you will have to load in your own PDF or EPUB books.

The 350 is in fairly great condition, as it was just used for the purposes of unboxing, reviewing and comparing against other readers on the market. In order to enter, you merely have to subscribe and like our YouTube channel and comment on the video, letting us know you have done all of the above.

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Welcome back to another popular installment of the Good e-Reader Contest series! Today we have brand new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet to giveaway to one lucky winner. Entering is free and we pay the shipping no matter where you live in the world.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is available as part of our new Youtube Contest! Hidden in the last 10 video uploads are keywords in the form of an annotation. Each word spells out a particular phrase and when you think you have it, you can send Peter off an email. You can think of it as a hidden puzzle within our Youtube Videos. Please visit our official Good e-Reader Youtube Channel to win a Kindle Fire today.

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A few weeks ago we ran a contest on our YouTube Channel to give away a brand new ZTE Open Firefox OS Smartphone. We had 150 entries for the contest and today we are announcing the winner!

The ZTE Open was the first Firefox phone to become available. There are two more companies entering the fray, LG and Alcatel. The ZTE Open features a 3.5 inch touchscreen display with a woeful 320 x 480 resolution. It is powered by a single core 1 GHZ processor and has 120 MB of memory, when you take it out of the box. You can also elect to snap some selfies with the 3 MP rear facing camera.

The design of the phone has a rectangular shape, but it has very rounded corners and a tapered front which gives you better and easier access to the home button. The home button is the only physical key on the entire phone. Other ports include, headphone jack and Micro USB port. Battery Life is around 7 hours via the 1,200mAh battery.

Want to know who won the contest? Peter made a tremendous video announcing it!

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In the past, Good e-Reader has given away tablets, e-readers, cases and screen protectors away to our most excellent audience. Today marks the first occasion with our brand new giveaway. Today, we have a brand new ZTE Open FireFox OS Phone up for grabs. To enter, all of you have to do is LIKE the video, Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and comment on the video that you have done it all. In one week, we will be doing the draw. Good Luck!

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Welcome to another Good e-Reader Exclusive Contest! Today Good e-Reader and Kobo are partnering to give away three brand new Kobo Mini e-Readers!  This is one of our biggest contests yet and is open to everyone.

The Kobo Mini has a pint size five inch touchscreen display running an older version of e-ink Vizplex. It has a resolution of 800×600 pixels and gives you the traditional 16 levels of grayscale. This is very small device that fits in any of your pockets and was designed to be extremely lightweight and portable. Underneath the hood dwells a 800 MHZ processor, which is the same one the original Kobo Touch had employed. There are 2 GB of internal storage for your ebooks, newspapers, and PDF files.

To enter the contest you need to LIKE the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We will be picking three winners at random in two weeks and announce them in the description  of the video. Good Luck to everyone.

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It seems like only last week that we had a contest (it was) and today we are running another free giveaway. Good e-Reader has 10 leather travel cases for the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HDX. You can use it to protect your device when commuting or to use it as a kickstand to watch videos or use it as a digital picture frame. To enter, all you have to do is subscribe to the Good e-Reader Youtube Channel and drop a comment on the video, to let us know.

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Welcome to another Good e-Reader Free Contest! Today we are giving away 15 iPad cases that come in red and black. These cases are exclusively compatible with the first and second generation models officially. You can turn the case into a stand to watch movies or television shows.

What do you have to do to win one of these? Its rather simple, just Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and drop us a line on the video that you did so. In one week we will draw out 15 people that commented and ship them out. This contest is valid in all countries in the world!

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Today Good e-Reader is proud to run another free contest, which anyone in the world can enter. We have 20 Kindle e-Reader cases in three different colors we are giving away! These cases are compatible with all models of the e-reader except the Kindle Keyboard.

This new contest is our first YouTube exclusive one and we will be giving away 10 free cases to the first 15 people who Subscribe and comment on our video. We have an extra 5 cases in which we will be giving away at random to anyone who comments after the initial 10. The ones we pick at random will actually be able to decide what color they want, currently we have black, green and blue.

In order to enter the contest, simply subscribe to our channel and then comment on the Youtube Video. We will be shipping out the 15 cases as soon as people comment on the video and the extra 5 will be done on Monday! Good Luck.

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We have another official Good e-Reader Contest today for an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2! This e-reader was the one used for our drop test and has very minor cosmetic wear and tear! Our Youtube viewers asked us to give this away and are listening.  To enter the contest simply name all of the devices in the picture above and comment on this post. You can enter only once and we will do the draw this Friday at random. Good Luck!

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