How Would You Change the Kobo Glo HD?


Kobo has a long track record with issuing e-readers and it is the companies sole focus, aside from their fleet of e-book apps. The company has gotten out of the tablet game and every year they release a new e-reader or two.  Their first new device in 2015 is the Kobo Glo HD. It has a lot going for … [Read more...]

Onyx M96 Plus e-Reader Now Available


Large screen e-readers are an anomaly in the market, as the vast majority of companies focus exclusively on the six inch class. Onyx has continued to buck the trend with their portfolio of 9.7 inch e-readers. This week, the brand new M96 Plus is now Available to purchase. The M96 Plus features an … [Read more...]

How to Load e-books on the Kobo Glo HD


Whenever a new e-reader hits the market, many users are purchasing one for the first time. Inevitably people will want to load their own EPUB or PDF files on it, whether they were bought from other retailers or downloaded from random websites. Today, I will teach you how to load e-books on the Kobo … [Read more...]

How Old is your e-Reader?


When a new e-reader is released people normally don't upgrade to the latest and greatest every year. Certainly e-paper technology does not improve at the breakneck speed that smartphones and tablets do. e-Readers are one of those things that receive very small, incremental updates and often do not … [Read more...]

Neonode Powers the Modern e-Reader


Over the course of the last few years e-readers have dramatically come down in price. They once cost over three hundred dollars and now a quality device will cost less than a hundred. How have companies managed to reduce costs, while still maintaining high build quality? The answer is … [Read more...]