Amazon Announces New Ivory White Kindle


Amazon has been fixated on piano black e-readers and tablets since the Kindle Keyboard. This mentality is apparently changing with the advent of a new ivory white edition of the Kindle Basic Touch. The new e-reader is now available for pre-order for ¥499.00 and the initial batch will be sent out by … [Read more...]

Onyx Boox i86 HD e-Reader Review


The e-reader industry is dominated by six inch devices chiefly because of the portability and cost effectiveness. Large screens tend to be very niche and carry a huge price tag.  Onyx is hoping to buck this trend with the advent of the i86 HD e-reader which has an 8 inch screen and costs … [Read more...]

Onyx Developing 13.3 Inch e-Reader


The six inch e-reader market is heavily saturated and many serious readers are looking for a large screen alternative. The Sony Digital Paper 13.3 inch e-reader fits the bill, but was only designed to read PDF files and is quite expensive at $999. Onyx is in the process of making a consumer grade … [Read more...]

Boyue T62 vs Energy Sistem PRO


The massive new trend in e-readers is a vanilla version of Android, which allows you to install your own apps. This is a boon for serious readers because you aren't locked into a specific ecosystem, you have the freedom to use whatever bookstore you want or just play a rousing game of Words with … [Read more...]