How Old is your e-Reader?


When a new e-reader is released people normally don't upgrade to the latest and greatest every year. Certainly e-paper technology does not improve at the breakneck speed that smartphones and tablets do. e-Readers are one of those things that receive very small, incremental updates and often do not … [Read more...]

Neonode Powers the Modern e-Reader


Over the course of the last few years e-readers have dramatically come down in price. They once cost over three hundred dollars and now a quality device will cost less than a hundred. How have companies managed to reduce costs, while still maintaining high build quality? The answer is … [Read more...]

How Would You Change the B&N Nook?


The Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight first became commercially available October 2013. This was the companies second generation e-reader that featured a front-lit display, allowing people to read e-books in the dark. By today's standards this device is hopelessly out of date and most of Nooks … [Read more...]