What is an e-reader?


There is a ton of confusion in the journalism and research industry on an e-reader actually is. The vast majority of people think that if you can can read an e-book on something, it makes it an e-reader. Mainstream media such as the BBC and Thompson Reuters often release stories on how a tablet … [Read more...]

Is the iPhone 6 Plus Good for e-Reading?


The iPhone 6 Plus is the first large screen phone that Apple has ever released and is quite excellent at reading e-Books, comics, manga and staying on top of the daily news.  Unlike iPhones of the past, the 6 Plus actually makes the process of digital reading very enjoyable. The 6 Plus by Apple … [Read more...]

HP Steam 7 Review


The HP Stream 7 is one of the first of a new breed of seven inch tablets that have a full version of Windows and at $99 price point. Combined with Bluetooth and expandable storage via SD, you can really turn this into a fully featured laptop. Is this worth it to spend? It depends, you won't be able … [Read more...]

Inkcase Plus Hands on Review


The Inkcase Plus is a portable secondary e-ink touchscreen extension of  your Android smartphone. It was designed to connect via Bluetooth and run a series of dedicated apps that allow you to view pictures, read e-Books or use as a sports tracker. The InkCase Plus features a  3.5 inch 360 X 600 … [Read more...]

Inkcase Plus Unboxing Video


The Inkcase Plus is a secondary screen for your Android smartphone. It pairs up to your device using Bluetooth and once you install the e-reading app, it functions as a mini e-reader. This device features a 3.5 inch, 360 x 600 pixel  e-Ink display which is visible in direct sunlight. The … [Read more...]

Good e-Readers Top 5 Books of 2014


This time of year, everyone is coming out with essential reading lists to hopefully sell you a brand new e-Book for the holiday season! Here at Good e-Reader we simply enjoy the process of reading. This year, plenty of amazing fiction and non-fiction books came out and I take a look at the ones that … [Read more...]