Amazon Mulling a Crunchyroll Acquisition


Crunchyroll is the current market leader for anime, Korean drama and manga. The company has seen exponential growth in paid subscriptions in the last five years and they have generated close to $2.5 million in 2014. A source close to the situation has told Good e-Reader that Amazon is mulling over … [Read more...]

New Kindle Fire HD to use MediaTek CPU


Amazon normally refreshes their entire product line every single year in September. The current generation HD and HDX tablets are getting a bit long in the tooth, but are still considered very viable tablets. Currently Amazon is in the hardware stage where they are deciding what processors they are … [Read more...]

Is Icarus Developing a 3D e-Reader?

ICARUS3D e-reader

The tech industry was rife with Aprils Fools Jokes, and it is hard to take seriously any major announcement that transpires on April 1st. Icarus, a Netherlands e-Reader company quietly announced a 3D e-Reader on their website and the entry is still available right on their homepage. Apparently, they … [Read more...]

Google Rumored to Launch Nexus 8 by End-April


Google has been up to some interesting changes in its hardware division. While its decision to sell off the Motorola smartphone segment to Lenovo tops the list, there also are a few rumors that are worth paying attention to. First is the rumor that Google is contemplating killing off the Nexus brand … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Round in the Works


Samsung has been experimenting with curved displays for quite some time, although all of its efforts have culminated in just one product so far, the Galaxy Round, which is bent longitudinally along the central spine. That is going to change soon though, what with rumors (courtesy of MovePlayers) … [Read more...]