Is Digital Publishing Broken?


It's been eight long years since Amazon rocked the reading world with the introduction of the Kindle. It was certainly not the first e-reader device on the market, but it was the first one with the power of Amazon's PR team to put it in consumers' hands in a big way, and it was the first one that … [Read more...]

Is Digital Making Us Dumber?


Since the most recent advent of digital reading and ebook proliferation, the techno format has been blamed for  a drop in reading comprehension scores among grade school students, developmental concerns over children's screen time, and even the overturning of a time-honored pricing and value … [Read more...]

How Old is your e-Reader?


When a new e-reader is released people normally don't upgrade to the latest and greatest every year. Certainly e-paper technology does not improve at the breakneck speed that smartphones and tablets do. e-Readers are one of those things that receive very small, incremental updates and often do not … [Read more...]

Canadian Publishers Embrace e-Books


The Canadian publishing industry has been embracing digital in a big way. In a few short years almost everyone is putting out e-books the same day the print version is available. Booknet Canada released new information and the report states that the percentage of publishers producing e-books in … [Read more...]