Amazon Unveils Brand Pages for Publishers

Authors and publishing companies releasing ebooks on Amazon often cannot brand effectively. While authors have the option to create their own profiles, which helps build synergy between various titles, publishers for the most part have been completely left out. Amazon is seeking to remedy this situation by introducing Amazon Pages.

Amazon Pages is a new initiative that will create a dedicated page that is easily marketable. This falls under the newly launched Amazon Marketing Services. It is basically a suite of self-service tools that enhance your ability to meet your marketing objectives. Encourage customers to learn about your brand and buy your products with free, customizable Amazon Pages. Use Amazon Posts to deliver social content to current and potential customers.

Publishers can create their own brand extensions, such as, which would have all of our ebooks and other products we offer under one roof. They offer templates to easily create your page and logos. One of the great things about this is the analysis of sales, that seeks to monitor the amount of people visiting the page and clicking on ebooks.

This should be a great way for publishers to brand themselves more on the Amazon ecosystem and develop a nexus point to drive customers. Right now the entire service is available, but Amazon manually approves each page. You can learn more on the official site HERE.

Michael Kozlowski (5218 Posts)

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