Australian Based Dymocks Launches D Publishing

d publishing

The Australian digital market has undergone sweeping changes since the Borders collapse.  Local companies that have been around a long time such as RedGroup and Angus & Robertson recently closed up shop.  All of these closures have a silver lining and leaves room for new projects to get some limelight and consumer dollars.

Dymocks has recently launched a new self-publishing platform called D-Publishing. They are adopting a methodology to help aspiring authors to help develop their book and take some of the load off of their shoulders.

The company intends on helping authors out with their book cover art, design, and editing. They will also provide an ISBN number so you will have more credibility in launching it with other services.

There are two main options for authors to choose from when deciding to do business with Dymocks. The first option is ‘Print on Demand.’ This is much akin to Amazon Create Space where they only print up the hard copies as customers order them. The second option is ebooks and you can get it in EPUB format to help market it.

The cost of the service is yet to be revealed, as Dymocks chief executive officer Don Grover failed to mention it yesterday. But existing self-publishing online services charge about $2000 to $3000 to print 50 to 100 books.

Right now the company will not distribute your books or ebooks, in this respect it is like Vanity Press for Australian residents. Dymocks does have over 600,000 members in its Book Loyalty club, however, so it could get you some exposure.

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