Barnes and Noble Charging an Exorbitant Amount for UK eBooks – Updated

Barnes and Noble entered the United Kingdom on Monday, marking its first foray into international markets. The Nook line of e-Ink based readers are available and the company has opened up its eBook Store. There is a firestorm enveloping savvy UK customers, because digital books cost almost double the amount that Amazon sells them for.

The UK Nook eBook store is almost two days old and many people have been waiting for a long time to see competition arrive against Amazon. It seems as though if you want to get deals on books by major publishers, you will have to pay a hefty premium.  Here are some examples of the grossly overinflated books out there right now from some users at Mobileread.

A Wanted Man Kindle Edition £8.07…1606711&sr=8-2

A Wanted Man NOOK Book (eBook) £19.81…/9781409043560

Mack The Life Kindle Edition £9.49…1607677&sr=1-1

Mack The Life NOOK Book (eBook) £19.81…/9781446488768

The Stig (Top Gear) [Kindle Edition] £9.02…1608418&sr=1-1

The Stig NOOK Book (eBook) £19.81…/9781448141074

These are a few examples of the cost of the books that Barnes and Noble is offering over Amazon. It really does look like the Amazon books are cheaper by a wide margin. If you have found any books that are also super high in price, let us know!

Update: A Barnes and Noble Spokesman got in touch with us and said “The UK NOOK Store offers customers an expansive collection of digital content at competitive prices. A problem we’re experiencing with a feed from a publisher is creating some temporary exceptions, which will be adjusted as soon as it’s resolved.”

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  • JJ Toner

    My 3 books are selling on NOOK_UK at discounted prices. The Amazon (and iTunes) prices are $3.99 and $2.99. NOOK_UK prices are £2.03 and £1.90.

  • Good E-Reader

     Barnes and Noble reached out to us and said there was an error in the feed of their UK Book listings and the prices were never meant to be that high. They are currently fixing it and lower priced books should be available soon.

  • Simon

    “Reached out to us”? Do you mean they contacted you? What a ridiculous euphemism that is!