• Karl

    By “gauge” (used twice in this article), you mean “gouge,” right?

    Anyway, a good article with an important warning to authors who use B&N. Author Solutions is a slimy, festering fungal infection on the world of self-publishing. You never know where they’re going to pop up next, but wherever they appear, you can be sure that their only goal is to gouge (not gauge) unsuspecting authors.

  • Whoops, I fixed it. You are right, about Author Solutions though. The thing I find most disturbing is that an unsuspecting indie author might not have any clue they are dealing with them. The way Nook press is displayed, you would think its B&N offering the service, not a 3rd party..

  • MariePinschmidt

    I have three novels & a memoir pub. by Author House. I have another novel near completion and have no idea where to turn for publication. The pub. world is a zoo.
    Not sure I want to self-pub. again. What say you?

  • indigocobb

    For the record, I have published on Nook Press; have NEVER been pressured to use any other print company, cover designer etc. in all my time using Nook Press. To say we are pressured is a wrong assumption. If people do not take the time to READ what is required what isn’t and the outside people who offer help for a price, then they are taking a risk themselves, not at someone else’s expense. To say Kindle is better is not true. I’ve used them too, and they have the same offers for outside help. Be honest, Mr. Good e-Reader. You are doing a great disservice to many and if people are that unhappy because they haven’t figured it out yet, then they need help or need to read the articles and how too’s. Respectfully submitted…

  • Annette Parker

    thanks! I almost bought into this hate post.

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