• Steve

    That’s just one of many, many problems with the new site. If you want a sense of how much goodwill this is costing them among loyal customers, just go to the Nook Facebook page and take a look at the nearly 150 comments on their Friday “Free Selection” post. The web site only occasionally lets people log in; customers are being asked to enter their credit card security code to read books purchased long ago; and the instant purchase option is causing havoc to no end.

    Some poor B&N employee valiantly tried to respond to the comments but after a few hours seems to have completely given up and stopped.

    I’m a loyal Nook customer who was hoping a fall e-reader launch would give them a fresh opportunity to try and turn things around. The sheer disaster of the web launch makes me wonder now, though, if they can keep their customers till the fall.

    I, for one, stopped by Best Buy today to check out the Kindle Voyage. I want to support B&N, but they are doing their damnedest to drive even their most fervent and loyal supporters away. The entire operation is beginning to seem like it’s not ready for prime time.

  • Wpjs

    I do not doubt some are experiencing issues, but I have say- I bought and downloaded a nook book to my nook HD on July 1 with no problem. I first downloaded the sample- then made the purchase. I did not have to enter any info. My info has always been stored since I registered the device.
    I would have assumed most B&N users just download a sample to their Nook or device to sample. Guess not.

  • Kiuvo

    This company is a hot mess…maybe they need to bring back the nook desktop reading app.

  • What makes you say that? Have you been reading our blog the last four years?

  • It mainly has to do with their website, not their dedicated hardware.

  • I finally gave up on Barnes & Noble after the series of miscues they’ve made over the past four years and switched to Amazon for my ebooks. Amazon sells books that happen to be ebooks, the readers are just a way to read them, not the point of the company. Amazon gives away free reader software for both Mac and Windows as well as pretty much every device out there, making it easy for me to read both on a small screen and on a larger screen. Meanwhile, B&N seems to think they’re now a Nook seller, not a book seller, and seems to be trying to tie you to a Nook to do everything with a ebook you buy from them. Uhm, no. B&N is supposed to be a book seller, not a Nook seller. Companies that lose their focus soon become *former* companies. Which means that pretty soon the only competitor that Amazon will have is Kobo, and I don’t think they’re big enough to keep Amazon honest :(.

  • BarkingDawg

    I have a nook that’s a couple years old.

    I hardly ever use it. Biggest waste of $200 ever.

  • Jonathan Agathokles

    B&N, oh B&N… *shakes head wearily*

  • wpjs

    ? B&N app is free as well. They just updated the app and it’s actually pretty good. (although I wish they would add the off white background option they offer on the nook HD- it’s much better than bright white). IMO- Amazon really ties you into their system just as much if not more so. Sure they do it well….and yes they are cheaper on some books- but as you claim- once all competition is abandoned- Amazon will raise prices and you will be stuck with no other choice.
    B&N should offer all it’s customers a free ebook to make good on this snafu.
    In fact, when they release the new reader in the fall (maybe) they should sell it at cost and offer 3 free ebooks as a promotion. This is their hail mary to rope in a customer base. They need to be creative and beat Amazon at it’s own game.

  • a_b704

    So, anybody try the latest Kindle?

  • Andrew Wilson

    I can’t even log in to my account on the web site. I want to buy a book(s) but can’t do that. Gonna go to my Kindle app I guess.

  • I was able to login to my account but all of my e-books were all messed up

  • So after years of being a Nook user and Kindle user, what are your impressions of both of the hardware/e-book ecosystems?

  • Nirmala

    Here is a fascinating analysis of how B&N and Apple both managed to boost Amazon’s dominance of the ebook market back in 2010: http://www.thepassivevoice.com/10/2014/the-story-thus-far-its-all-about-2010/

    They have not done much to counter those early mistakes since.

  • Todd

    Barnes and Noble “gives away free reader software for both Mac and Windows as well as pretty much every device out there, making it easy for [you] to read both on a small screen and on a larger screen.” too. There’s no real difference between the two other than Amazon still insists on locking you into their proprietary ebook format, while Nooks can read almost any format (except Amazon’s). Oh, and the fact that Amazon “lost their focus” as a book seller long before B&N did.

  • Todd

    Who cares? I never use the website anyway. That’s what my Nook is for.

  • The Mac version of the Nook reader software hasn’t worked on current Mac operating systems since late 2012, and the last update was in early 2012. Last I saw, B&N had withdrawn the Windows 8 app from the Windows Store, the Windows 7 app still works but hasn’t been updated since 2011, and there is no — zero — way to find the app on the B&N web site. I just Googled it and tried to find it. It’s not anywhere I can find it. I am a Mac user so the lack of a working Nook app for Mac has been a major annoyance for the past couple of years. Forcing me to read the books I purchased on a 6″ screen when I have a 27″ screen is ridiculous.

  • B&N app on Windows 7? B&N app on MacOS? I am a Mac user. I can read my Kindle content on the Kindle application on my 27″ screen, which is important for the technical works I’ve purchased as e-docs. I am forced to go to a 6″ screen to read my Nook content. Or else illegally remove the encryption and read it using Calibre on my Mac, but that would be illegal, right? (Not to mention that they changed the encryption scheme recently to make that more difficult, and it requires running a deprecated B&N app on a Windows system, which, given that I have a Mac, is a major annoyance). Easier to just buy it from Amazon rather than go through that kind of hassle just to read the content I purchased on a decent-sized screen.

  • Lots of people care

  • You have a problem with Barnes and Noble? Do Tell!

  • I could imagine how difficult it is to work in the social media department for Nook. Your job description is to promote books, new releases and interesting stuff but all you do is damage control.

  • Todd

    As the Bard would say, lots of people are making “Much Ado About Nothing”.

  • Kiuvo

    I am referring that B&N is a hot mess as a company which is why they find themselves in this predicament. I enjoy your blogs and youtube channel and appreciate all the updates in this industry. Keep up the good work. Cheers..

  • Jonathan Agathokles

    It’s just based on what I’ve been reading about them. They seem to be doing everything within their power to destroy themselves. Myself I am rather indifferent about them. Living in Belgium, B&N just doesn’t really exist over here, as you always point out they are only present in the US and UK, and then recently even stopped any efforts for international expansion. I do have an old Nook Simple Touch (from the dark ages before eReaders got lighting) which I got for my birthday, so I didn’t really have much choice about what eReader to choose. While it did get me into eReading at the time, I never purchased anything from B&N precisely because of their limited scope in the anglosphere, and nothing beyond. I chose to purchase eBooks from Kobo because they were far better at international expansion and having eBooks in a variety of languages. Nowadays I’m moving back away from eBooks though, back towards print, tough I might consider getting a Kobo eReader at some point so as to be able to read the eBooks I already bought. But I digress. I don’t particularly care either way about B&N, just watching from the sidelines with mild amusement/weariness as they seem to be pulling a Blackberry, having once been very prominent, now apparently fading into obscurity.

  • mojogypson

    I agree big time here. I would not even consider a kindle if B&N left the software as it was. The link to the transfer tool is dead. ADE doesn’t recognize the Nook HD. There is no way to download or transfer books or files of any sort. I don’t understand how they can sell the NookHD- a device which allowed very easy file transfer when released….and then they brick wall it 2 years later!?!
    I’ve called and complained, but they do not seem to care that a device they sold you- based on it’s ability to transfer photos/movies/music/books/PDF/etc….is now useless by their own hand. Should be a class action suit against them?
    That said- I still use the NookHD as a reader because I really like the way it feels/the sharp screen/off white background/color screen for books with photos.
    I had the voyage and returned it. Not worth the $$IMO
    I have the new paperwhite as a trial, but I’ll be darn if I’m not still leaning toward keeping the NookHD. I don’t read outside so not an issue and most books are same $$ as kindle. And truth be told- Amazon gets enough of my $$$ in other ways.

  • I have the last Nook Simple Touch Glow with the page turn buttons. In my opinion this was the ideal Nook because I don’t need two hands to read with it if e.g. I’m in my sleeping bag in a tent in the outback, and can change the page with gloves on if it’s cool outside. I don’t understand why physical page turn buttons have gone away. The Kindle Voyage pseudo-buttons are almost as good, but they can’t be used with gloves on. So it appears I will keep my old Glow going as long as I can for use on camping trips, sigh.

  • Gabriel Feycat Cuellar

    My entire Nook wishlist is gone. I’ve been carefully “storing” things I want there over the years and parcelling them out to myself, because there’s always a lot more books I want to read than time to read them. If my wishlist is well and truly gone, that sucks because I will never remember every book that was on there… that’s why it was a wishlist.

  • mojogypson

    In a response to myself- I finally stumbled on an free Android file to mac transfer tool on google that works with NookHD. So I can now drag and drop as before. So ignore some of the above. If you look hard enough- there’s usually a workaround…;)

  • mojogypson

    bummer. A suggestion- I always just download a sample to my device. This way the book “wishlist” is held in the cloud on the device. All my samples on still on my nook.

  • I think I agree with most of your points. I do have a Nook Glowlight and can buy books from Barnes and Noble. I do like their e-reader interface and the overall UI design, even though the e-reader itself was designed poorly.

    I am also reading more print books, but I always have anyways. I tend to read mindless stuff on my e-reader, fantasy, science fiction, throwaway type novels that would otherwise clutter my bookshelves.

  • Can anyone else confirm the MAC software doesn’t work? Does B&N still offer it for download?

  • mojogypson

    They do not. They direct you to use a Nook study app (?)- or something like that. I don’t read on my laptop- so I did not bother with it. I also discovered you can use the google Android file transfer to drag and drop files

  • Todd
  • I just clicked on your link. I clicked on the “Mac” link on that page and instead of downloading an application, it went to a page that said “That’s Odd! The page you were looking for can’t be found.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    Yeah, did you even try downloading anything off that page, already? *ALL* the download links on that page are dead links.

  • All that B&N officially offers for download are the iDevice, Android, and Windows Store versions of the software. Here is their official (current) download page: http://nook.barnesandnoble.com/u/nook-reading-app/379003593

  • Just tried to “buy” a free ebook and got this message – Error occurred while rendering Product Content.

  • nook for web is what PC, and MAC readers use to read their purchased content. The fact that it remains to be continually broken means anyone using the online platform can’t read any of their paid content.

    Am I catching it right that you simply are apathetic to thousands of MAC users?

  • Jonathan Agathokles

    I also use this method with Kobo. They have a wishlist on their desktop app for Mac, but that wishlist doesn’t exist on any other platform I know of (iOS, their main website, and their online eReader-site), and you can only add books to it from the main screen of the desktop app for some reason, but not when you look at the page of a specific book. So instead of using that wishlist I also download samples of books I’m interested in.

  • Steve

    It looks like the site’s marketplace is down, too:


  • 2kasmom

    There are other things wrong with the new web site. I cannot log in. It takes me almost an hour to get to the right book and setting to upload a review. This is crazy. FIX YOUR SITE!

  • Liz

    I’ve been on the website several times with few issues. There are a few things that are a little wonky but nothing I couldn’t work around. I bought some ebooks using the new cart feature. You can add your ebooks to the cart instead of having all these separate charges hitting my card. I really like the new website.

  • Martha Smith

    I still can’t login to the website, and my “Nook for PC” software isn’t syncing with my library either. Even though I swore I would never buy another nook book, when I heard a new website was in the works I decided to test the waters (with a free book, fortunately). It downloads to my nook, but I can’t view it on my PC. As I have been saying for a long time that the main problem with nook isn’t the hardware, though they have made some unfortunate hardware decisions, it’s the lousy website and lousy customer service. I miss Fictionwise! 🙁

  • LA Julian

    Not at all surprised. They are so uninterested in customer feedback it reminds me of Iomega. Everything is now mandated top-down from corporate, who knows all and doesn’t need to hear a peep from the trenches. Moving towards hiring non-book people for more and more managerial positions, too — reflected in becoming like Borders, with more of an emphasis on gifts and non-book items in the physical stores, chasing the short-term dollar without caring about customer retention in membership drives, e-reader sales, etc. Writing on the wall, I’m afraid.

  • Sharon Holihan

    Why change something that was working???? It was easy to buy books, on your wish list you used to be able to tell if the book was still pre order or ready to buy<< thats gone as for instant buy, dont work, tried to buy outright and got errors. CS was no help blaming my browser for the problem<<<< that I have used to buy at least 50 books in the past year or so..

  • karismatichick

    I loved being able to simply click on a book I wanted and boom I owned it. Now I have to go through the long drawn out process of adding it to the cart, checking out etc. I can’t even read my books on my laptop anymore…..I liked the old site better 🙁

  • Lori Lytle Hansen

    I am so frustrated. I purchased an e-book on July 27, 2015 and it still has shown up on my nook. I have gone into one of the stores, I have called into the digital support department. No one has answers, and I cannot get my money back. If it’s not broke, go ahead and fix it so that it is broke!!!

  • reader123

    I can’t access their website .It shows me that due to geographical reasons, but it never showed me this before.:( I want the old website back, and the bugs fixed.

  • The Nook for Mac software still works on my computer and loads all of my purchases.

  • jjbeans

    Due to the lack of Read Instantly, I now use Google Play or iBooks. Good job Barnes & Noble.

  • Bry2000X

    My actual, physical nook still works as fine as it ever has. Too bad that doesn’t matter when it’s dead and I want to keep reading on my d*mned laptop. Have they said anything about fixing it yet? They’ve had all summer.

  • LafayetteCoboll

    I hope they fired who ever “rolled out a new website” and didn’t keep the ability to read Nook books. They were already at a competitive disadvantage to Google in that you couldn’t read Magazines online (although Kindle doesn’t allow it either). Then this. But I suspect it may not be an accident. Although it would make more sense if Microsoft was was still a part owner of their eReader division. Without a Web interface it forces computer users to have Windows 8 or 10 and have the Nook App.

  • EricWelch

    The major difference between B&N and Amazon is that none of B&N’s stuff works. Everything on Amazons is well supported and works great. You can even get an instant refund for any book if you make a mistake or don’t like it. I gave up on B&N a long time ago. I still have 100+ books of theirs in my library but everyday it gets harder and harder to read them. Amazon is light-years ahead of everyone else in usability.

  • vnpw

    I have a Nook that works fine, however I am not allowed to use it at work. “Read Instantly” was my only way to being able to read while at work on a format my company would allow. Keep in mind, my shifts last 12-16 hours. I can’t login to my account (link brings the page back to bn.com), I can’t talk to a customer rep online (link brings the page back to bn.com), read instantly only gives me a sample, even of a book I know should be in my library….
    This “update” has seriously damage my faith in this company and how it feels about its customers. I’m 1/2 expecting in the near future to try and purchase a book on my Nook to find that B&N no longer exists and its customers are S.O.L… It been 4 months already, are they serious with this?

  • RJHinPDX

    Here we are in October and still no fix. This is ridiculous. I used to prefer to buy my e-books from B&N, but have not bought from them since this problem appeared and will not buy anymore. My whole library is useless unless I want to use my Android tablet, which I do not keep with me.

  • Brandon Mitchell

    Still not fixed. This is indeed quite annoying… Why claim to have a feature that is nonexistent? I’m not buying anything for Nook anymore. They could really learn from Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader–I’m just saying.

  • Jenn

    Now that I have a tablet, I may quite buying books from Barnes and Noble at all since the website still doesn’t work. Sick of dealing with it. Kindle-here I come

  • Eva G

    Argh. I had to search the internet to figure what was going on after purchasing two books just now. I don’t buy often so I didn’t know this was going on. Can’t they at least put a note in RED alerting customers who weren’t aware of this? All these months later and they can’t warn us in won’t be available for instant or web reading? Is there a way to read the books I just bought?? I don’t have a Nook device; I rely on reading on my PC. I like supporting B&N to keep their physical bookstores to browse, but this is disgusting.

  • Derrick

    “Our technology
    team is currently working on including the NOOK for Web “Read Instantly”
    functionality and we hope to have it available in the near future.” Please define near.
    Is this problem that difficult for your technology team to solve? As a loyal
    supporter and customer of Nook, B&N owes it to us to give us a realistic
    time line of when this will be repaired. I am seriously getting ready to switch
    over to Amazon in the near future and believe me when I say I do not like

  • Robin Eudailey

    My frustration is similar, I was fine reading my Nook books on my Win 8 tablet, UNTIL I upgraded to Win 10 and guess what? B & N hasn’t upgraded it’s system to keep up with the new OS! My Nook books are virtually unreadable on my Win 10 tablet because there is no way to change anything (view, columns, background, content), no menu/ options come up at all. And, the margins are screwed up, so you can’t read the entire page. My Kindle app works fine with Win 10 (had to figure out that it had to be in “Tablet Mode” to get to the menus- then pull down from the TOP to get to menus) so I guess I have to stick with Amazon.

  • Kevin Barthelemy

    After months of frustration, I finally started searching for Nook for PC, which you can no longer obtain from B&N. I found it, and it works just great on Windows 10. Why they dumped it, I’ll probably never know, but whatever their excuse, it was a huge mistake on their part. My advice to anyone unable to read their Nook books on their PCs, spend a little time searching, and you should still be able to find a copy to download.

  • Joe

    I’m stunned that nook books stays in business. Their selection is poor, their website is hard to navigate and not informative, and their pricing is hard to find. Why am I not surprised that they’d fail here as well?

  • Cesar Rodriguez

    I got a nook hd & was happy then I saw other tabs that work . Wow My sd card ,. pics ., games ., web ., this SUCK BIG TIME would You B&N consider reimbursing Me or trading Me for something that works Please . For one that works .

  • MZ

    A year after that website was launched and I still can’t read ebooks on the web. I even tried updating my credit card info but that hasn’t helped (in fact, books now won’t display at all, versus displaying samples). The PC software doesn’t work – it doesn’t find new books. Fortunately I’d backed up most of my books offline, since of course you can’t sideload any more. I bought a Kindle when my Nook was stolen, but still tried to buy ebooks from B&N at least some of the time, but no more. Off to try to figure out how to spend my price-fixing rebate on something that B&N’s inept technology can’t hold hostage.

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