• d. miller

    The “library” offers copyrighted books for free. There’s no way this is legal. 

  • bethypriss

    d. miller, that`s why I`ll continue downloading from bookboon.com. No copyright issues and the user interface is a whole lot friendlier. 

  • Hynaynay

    It’s no longer free at all. After downloading a certain amount of books for free, you will be asked to pay!

  • It is too good to be true. They have one of my books posted illegally, so basically they’re another file pirate site.

  • anadult

    I need a book. It is not on GBooks, archive.org, boon… It is copyrighted. It costs $150. I don’t have $150. I know. I’ll mow some lawns and buy it. Not. I am going to bookos. Get a life guys. When a book costs $150 or a single song costs a buck, or a movie costs $20, the stage is set for everyone to become criminals.

  • Krystal Brookes

    This is a pirate site. It’s making it possible for you to steal books. Please don’t use it. You’re hurting independent authors by using this site. If you want free ebooks, check out the publisher’s own websites or Amazon. There are plenty available legally.

  • they have these things called libraries. I need a Ferrari but I can’t afford it so I’ll just have to do with out. It sucks but that’s life.

  • Yes but you are paying people who stole the books, not the rightful owners of the books. My publisher gets no money from them but they had my book on their site.

  • samborambo

    I find it hard to believe Goodereader is promoting a site that includes illegal downloads. If you’re an author, please check for your books and send them a take-down notice – they are removing them. Before you download please think twice. Most authors earn less than minimum wage (we are not all J.K. Rowling or Mrs Fifty shades) and have to work second jobs while giving up time with our friends and families to bring you the books you love. Seriously, look at the price of some of these books – authors get 25-40% of this price on average. You are not stealing from someone who has millions to spare but from someone who probably gets $1 or more per book sold if they’re lucky and sells a handful a month. If you love an author, support them, don’t steal from them.

  • Aaron Speca

    It’s too good to be true because it is — or at least too good to be legal. There is no doubt that these books are being distributed illegally and you really should take down this post or print some kind of retraction and attach it here. I’ve talked to many authors that have books posted there and not a single one of them has given permission to have their books distributed on this site.

  • This is a pirate site. It had dozens of my in-copyright books available. And god knows what you’re downloading when you do so–probably malware.

  • Jonny

    Since when did going to the library become so difficult that we need to resort to illegal downloading practices to acquire books?

  • Joshua

    Reading good books should not be restrict ony to those who can afford buying expensive books. $50, the price for a book, is the average salary per month in the third world. The access to a fair education is an elementary human right.
    It is time you give something back after centuries of relentless stealing fom the third world.
    Well done bookos!

  • Barbara

    Joshua, please reconsider your words. Reading good books isn’t always expensive as many go for less tha $10, free if you have a library card. The authors whose books have been pirated by sites like Bookos are victims here. Yes, as a Christian missionary to several poor countries, I know that much of the world lives on $2 a day. But this is no reason to steal from anyone. So, Joshua, I hope you are taking your $50 and donating it to worthy missions around the world.

  • Austerity Sucks

    Comparing information which should be free and open to a material Ferrari is just childish. Nobody cares about your shitty little books — we want free and open useful information.

  • Austerity Sucks

    amen brother.

  • gpermant


  • gpermant

    If you tried to write a ‘shitty little book’ and get it published yourself you would learn how much effort that is.

  • Shubha

    I can’t for my life believe why someone would want to write on sites giving out illegal downloads. Library.nu’s wiki entry also links in its references to some do good countryman of mine from India writing a blogpost detailing all steps on how to download from the website. 😐 Writers are supposed to be intelligent, Mr Mandal.

  • MV

    It should be an effort to publish a shitty book. But it usually is not. Thus all the crackpot books out there from the small presses. People will pay for quality, and if it is crap will not even bother to keep the copy they pirated.
    Yup… Those that cry the loudest about sites like bookos are failed authors and publishing companies.

  • MV

    Lol. Yeah… There are WMDs in Iraq as well.

  • MV

    When you want to find works by cut rate authors (for some unknown reason).

  • Nom

    I download books, music, and all that stuff all the time, yes I would be considered a pirate if I didn’t turn around and get a hard copy of most things I download. Have some of you pointing the finger calling people thieves thought that sites like this is good if someone want’s to guinea pig test a song or a book and see if they like the author? People don’t want to spend money on a book or CD and then hate it and regret it for the rest of their lives. IF i was an author (which i’m aiming to be) I wouldn’t mind if people downloaded my books, after all, people will only download what they are interested in/like, so it would just be a compliment. No one is going to waste their time on something they don’t care for; and besides, your true fans will buy your stuff either way. If piracy is hurting you THAT badly then you must just suck and have a horrible fan base

  • TessyR

    Bookos had unauthorized downloads for four of my books. I asked them to remove the links and they did so promptly. I struggle very hard to support my two children by myself. My book sales have plummeted in the last several months. A quick search online turned up evidence of three sites downloading my books for free and for money. It is hard for me knowing that sites are not only giving my books away for free but some are selling my books. It took me five years to write the books, all of that labor is now going into someone else’s pocket.

  • mandy

    this is the best way to share culture. In a world where less and less read books this could be a solution

    this is the future, nothing less

  • agus

    sir coul you mind to give me running dictation stratetgy book?

  • BROKE AF college student

    The library doesn’t offer my $300 required text book that I can’t afford on my min wage college job or my widowed mom’s lunch lady salary.

  • fare52h5qpmqaqg5mzwr

    if you hide your book, nobody will know about it, talk about it, read it, buy it.

  • fare52h5qpmqaqg5mzwr

    if i had payed $1 for every book and song i have downloaded or heard form the internet, spottily included, i’d be completely broke and would know half the things i have learnt.

  • fare52h5qpmqaqg5mzwr

    if it’s good, it’s either too expensive or ilegal.

  • fare52h5qpmqaqg5mzwr

    they are promoting ILEGAL learning

  • jemal teneshu

    applied microbiology

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