Dark Horse Comics to release Same Day Digital versions Dec 14th

Dark Horse comics is following suit with Marvel, Archie and DC Comics delivering their digital counterparts on the same day as the physical release. Starting December 14th 2011 the company intends on really getting into the digital model and offering aggressive prices.

The digital versions of the Dark Horse comics will sell for $1.99 which is a dollar cheaper then the printed copies. The company has been selling digital copies of their comics for quite sometime but have normally been a week or more late with their current editions. This price model is in stark contrast to their competition which keeps the digital comics the same price to appease publishers and vendors.

Dark Horse is well known in the geek circles for its niche library of comics. One of the most popular franchises it owns is the Buffy the Vampire Hunter Series which is based on the television show and features the expanded universe. They also print a copious amount of Star Wars content, pumping out six different series a month. Finally they have manga, anime and things like Hellboy, Sin City, The Goon, Criminal Macabre and Empowered.

Dark Horse currently has a fairly good iOS application that is available on both the iPad and iPhone, check it out. If you don’t have one of these devices they do have an online store that you can read the books right on your PC or Tablet.

Michael Kozlowski (5152 Posts)

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