eBook Review: Sweet Tooth by Tim Anderson

Verdict: 5 Stars

Sweet Tooth has every right to be filled with teen angst, only it’s too funny to be dark. Author Tim Anderson, who was available at a book launch party timed in conjunction with BookExpo America, is as funny in person as he is on the page, and his natural personality and voice come through in his tale that has every right to be a difficult and sensitive subject.

Anderson spoke to Good e-Reader about the subject of the book and the publishing process.

“It’s basically a gay, diabetic memoir of an adolescent in the eights. It starts when I’m fifteen years old when two striking events happened to me. Number one was my discovery of gay porno mags, and number two was my diagnosis as a Type I diabetic. I was a very religious little boy at the time, and I thought I was being punished for the former with the latter. In the summer of ’88 I was diagnosed with the high blood sugar they’d ever seen, and the book has these two threads going on.”

While adapting to both of these truths about himself, Anderson paints certain scenes in this disconnected, third-person way that almost reads like a movie happening within the book. During the times in the story when the author’s blood sugar spikes and he’s out of himself, the reader is treated to the scene through the eyes of an outsider narrator.

The cast of characters are as diverse and eclectic as any family and friends that most of us have but could be a little hard to understand at times; more importantly, though, (spoiler alert) an important character plays a role in the author’s story at the end of the book.

Sweet Tooth is available now.

Mercy Pilkington (1982 Posts)

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