eBooks for Libraries Website Opens

eBooks for Libraries is a site run by a librarian and sponsored by Library Renewal and the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library. It intends to provide the public with information about the state of ebooks and public libraries (which is pretty grim, in my opinion).

Earlier this year, eBooks for Libraries stared a petition drive asking publishers to make more ebooks available. The petition garnered over 10,000 signatures and was sent to the publishers in June, where it received little response. The consistent denigration by publishers of libraries, and the refusal of publishers to even consider the ebook/library equation, is nothing less than a national scandal, in my opinion. It is a perfect example of the ancient, rusty world in which our dinosaur publishers continue to wallow.

Paul Biba (129 Posts)

is a retired corporate international lawyer who has worked in 53 countries. Since he is a very fast reader he came to ebooks out of self-defense in order to avoid carrying a suitcase of books on his travels around the world. An early ebook adopter, he has read on Palms, Pocket PCs and practically every device that has been out there. After being a frequent contributor to TeleRead.com, the oldest ebook/epublishing blog on the net, Paul became TeleRead's Editor-in-Chief, a position he recently resigned. Send Paul an email to paulkbiba@gmail.com

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