Kobo Writing Life Introduces Free eBook Download Tracking


Kobo Writing Life is a self-publishing platform that has been going strong for the last year and a half. It appeals to authors who want to sell their books in many different markets and establish different prices. The service excels at their sales tracking software and has just unveiled the ability to track downloads on eBooks that you flag as free.

Up until now, all reports were sales reports, and free book downloads weren’t captured in that data. Now, however, you can also stay informed of which of your free books are being downloaded and where. This is useful for free eBook promotions and to gauge how successful they are.

Authors who have never given books away for free might notice some downloads under the new free category. This is due to Kobo’s marketing and support team randomly checking titles to insure compliance on e-Readers and tablets. They normally check out formatting and other common errors to make sure a title is correct across a variety of devices and screen sizes.

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  • Kateri Maloney

    I thought I could only sell on Amazon, but this tool will allow me to sell on all of my websites! Thank you Kobo!

  • Jim King

    I have published an ebook with Amazon but I find them really hard work. I went onto Kobo but can’t find anything about ebook publishing. Am I blind?

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