Moglue Allows Authors to Publish eBooks to Android and iOS

Moglue is a new venture that allows authors to self-publish to both the Android and iOS platforms. The company provides two essential tools that give you the power to construct feature rich books with audio, video, and animation elements. The first is MoglueBuilder, which requires little to no programing skills and is primarily used to develop your book. The second MoglueViewer allows you to preview exactly how your book will look on Android or Apple devices.

Whether you have a PC or MAC, this software is available to be used locally! It is very important to note that this software suite is very appealing for people who want to self-publish their own apps, but lack the programing knowledge to make it happen. There is plenty of stock images and music available within the program and it’s all open source and royalty free. Speaking of royalties, authors retain 100% of anything they make, but each book costs around $199 to publish! If you are a publishing company or have many books just waiting to be put up for sale, you can opt into the $999 package, which allows you to post unlimited ebooks for one year.

It may seem fairly expensive to publish books on their platforms, but it does have the potential to save authors money. Registering both an Apple and Android developers account to publish apps costs around $99.99 on each platform! So if you do a few digital books a year, this could amount to some savings. Not to mention, app development is very time consuming and outsourcing app development can range in the thousands of dollars to hire a good programmer.

Moglue CEO Taewoo Kim told TechCrunch in an interview that over 34,000 creators from 140 different countries downloaded the tool so far – examples for ebooks made with it can be viewed herehere, or here.

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