Overdrive Unveils New eBook in Big Library Read Program


Overdrive Big Library Read program originally launched in May and had libraries all over North America to give away an eBook with no lending restrictions. The first title was Michael Malone’s ‘Four Corners of the Sky’  and was checked out more than 44,000 times in less than three weeks—quite impressive compared to its 200 total checkouts prior to the Big Library Read.  The Read program really showed that if you take a solid book and give it away for free, it will drive sales to the authors other titles. To capitalize on the momentum of the first title Overdrive announced the next eBook in the program today.

HarperCollins is contributing author Jane O’Connor, with her title ‘Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth’. The juvenile fiction title is the first in the Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy series and will be available in both eBook and audiobook format from September 16-30 at participating libraries that do business with Overdrive. O’Connor brings us back to the glamorous world of our favorite fancy girl. Nancy Clancy may be a bit older and more sophisticated, but she hasn’t lost her love for fancy words, outrageous fashion and dramatic flair. This title is perfect for generating excitement among young readers just in time for back to school.

Overdrive may see more success with this eBook, because the original program launched super quickly and did not give libraries enough time to prepare to promote it or even opt into the offer.  Interested in learning more? We conducted a massive interview with Sourcebooks and Overdrive at Book Expo America, where the two sides talked about the formation of Big Library Read and where it is going in the future.

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