Sweet Valley Twins Return as e-Singles

Many girls grew up in the 80’s reading Nancy Drew and the Sweet Valley High series. St. Martin’s press is going to be reissuing 12 Sweet Valley books this October, but in the meantime, a number of digital e-singles will be issued.

Francine Pascal, the writer of the new singles, mentioned on the Kindle Blog that “I would pick (these singles) three years after Sweet Valley Confidential-Ten Years Later and of course, I’d use all my favorite Sweet Valley characters. But this time I would go deep into their new lives with no holds barred. I figure at thirty, I can make them as sexy as I want, sexy enough to make Desperate Housewives look like a Sunday sermon.”

The Sweet Life will unfold over six contiguous novellas starring the twins, of course, and Todd, Bruce, Ken and Lila. And for villains, all those secondary characters you’ve learned to hate over the years will definitely be there, as well as some new ones who are even more dangerous.

A few of these new e-singles are available right now, with many more coming down the pipe. A new one will be released every week until the series is all wrapped up. These should be easy summer reads for people who grew up with the franchise.

Michael Kozlowski (5146 Posts)

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