iRex Sipix e-paper now good enough for more than 6fps video

AUO’s Sipix e-paper technology is hitting headlines and this time, it has some nice cool features to share with us. This since those who have been longing for moving video on e-paper display stand the chance to have their wishes fulfilled at last if the latest e-paper display panel the company has come up with is anything to go by.

The panel they have shown is seen capable of displaying videos capable of a modest 6 fps. Sure that’s not something to be too excited about but engineers at IRX believe this can be further improved to 10 fps just by having in place memory buffers. Also, the video right now has a VGA resolution of 480 x 640 pixels, a refresh rate of 100Hz and 4 levels of gray scale. However, things would be a lot better when the last bit is enhanced to 16 levels, which, it is believed is very much achievable.

Let’s see what comes out of it in the end.

via e-ink-info

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