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There are more details coming in about the Skiff e-reader. This sleek device is going to be a large format e-reader that is to be used primarily for reading newspapers and periodicals, which will be displayed in a format that is very much similar to the actual paper copy.

Skiff has a very generous display area, which stands at 11.5 inches with a resolution of 1200 x 1600 pixels. A stainless steel foil forms the base of the Skiff e-reader, which imparts a shatter-proof, crack-proof and a flexible characteristic to the device. Designed by LG Display, it incorporates touch screen features that can accept both finger and stylus input. The e-reader measure 9 inches x 11 inches and its thickness is just a shade over 1/4 inch. And at just over 17 1/2 ounces, the Skiff e-reader is lighter than the Kindle DX, which tips the scale at 18.9 ounces.

The Skiff will feature both Wi-Fi connectivity as well as 3G via Sprint. It is equipped with an internal memory that has a capacity of 4GB while the SD-card slot means, there is room for still more.

The Skiff e-reader did make an appearance at the CES earlier this year though there’s still some time before it goes on sale at Sprint retail stores. What sticker price this device that is poised to usher in a radical change in the way we read newspapers or periodical has also been kept under wraps.

About its main source of content, what we know right now is that it is going to be the Skiff Store, which will look after the entire spectrum of selling and distributing newspapers, magazines, books, blogs and other content from multiple publishers across a range of devices. It is also likely that the newspapers and periodicals that is to be distributed by Skiff will also feature advertising, something that is lacking in Amazon’s Kindle versions and which the publishers will surely like to have included. Kindle newspapers also miss out on most of the photos, graphs, and so on. Skiff e-reader scores in this area also as their versions will have most of the graphics of the actual paper editions.

Skiff, formerly FirstPaper, is a spin-off of Hearst.

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  • Cesar Gil

    Yes this is a super hot product, however the company that acquired the software didn’t acquire the hardware so it killed the product. If you go to Skiff’s website , it is empty. There’s only a press release from 2010 with lots of administrese talk which with no meaning, and no news about the product, updates, pricing, specs, delivery date, nothing. The market is eager for an A4-size readers. One more to be killed and go down the drain because of bureaucrats. Maybe whoever bought wanted to kill it.

  • aileen

    I am a book worm, I actually want a big size e-reader (just never knew it exist), can someone get me in touch with this company: my email is