Good e-Reader Radio – Breaking News – Futurebook and Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

We have a breaking news update today! Amazon has just announced FreeTime Unlimited, which gives you and your kids access to thousands of apps, games, books, and videos. The company is offering this for a low monthly fee if you are an existing Prime member, or a little bit more if you aren’t. I’ll break down all the essential elements you need to know!

Staff writer Mercy Pilkington was in London, England yesterday, covering Futurebook 2012. This was organized by the Bookseller and featured Pottermore, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Sourcebooks, Ingram, and a ton more! We videotaped interviews with every single one of these companies and covered all of their sessions. Good e-Reader was the only North American based media outlet covering the event, and we were in the top 5 tweeters too! Mercy is a one woman army and did us proud!

Of course, there is a lot of other news to cover, such as Amazon Branding Pages for Publishers, iBooks, and the daily rundown of the most essential stories. It’s a very fun show, so enjoy!

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