Good e-Reader Radio – Week in Review – Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Industry News

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Today on the show we talk about a few new firmware updates that hit the Kindle Fire and the Ectaco Jetbook Color. We talk about what the updates do and how this impacts you!  Our lead story is your digital primer on ebooks and e-readers and the battleground that is erupting between companies that want your money. We also discuss some of the legal and retail ramifications between these companies and how it is all playing out.

Book Expo America is coming up soon in early June and our entire team will be there live for the full week! We are aiming to deliver the most comprehensive coverage of the event and will have four people there doing interviews, previews, and tons more. We also will be featuring a ton of video footage! You can hear straight from the horses mouth what the companies are working on. If you want to arrange an appointment with us, please use our contact form and we can setup a time.

Finally, we cover all of the latest news in tablets and e-readers from the last week and bring you up to date. A great show as always with music and more, check it out!

Michael Kozlowski (5225 Posts)

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