Helicon Books Gyan Reader – Claims to Be First to Support All EPUB3 Features

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EPUB3 is out there, but not all of its new features are supported by current readers. As a matter of fact, most of the new features are NOT supported at all (see above chart). Now comes Helicon Books with the Gyan Reader, which they claim will support all the new EPUB3 features, including:

  • Full support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) including animated SVG.
  • Displaying mathematical formulas using W3C MathML standard.
  • Support for Javascript enabling more interactive books.
  • Support for RTL languages including page progression direction.
  • Support for Media overlay (speak aloud as called by Apple) for audio books or mixed text and audio.
  • Support for fixed layout mainly for comics and children’s book.
  • Support for integrated video

The reader is available for US$4.98 at the Google Play store and the company says that it will eventually support iOS devices as well. EPUB says the full feature set is ideal for interactive tour guides, displaying a map, and allowing the user to click a region on the map to get more information; technical and scientific publications that need to show mathematical formulas; interactive books that will make use of the Javascript support of the reader; and fixed layout books, such as comics or manga.

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