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    I will be so sad when my old Fire HDX wears out. The resolution and processor of that older unit are far superior to the new Fires. I have been hoping Amazon would come out with a new model that can compete with the old spec’s, but it just doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

  • Michael Carabetta

    Just got the new Fire HD8 to replace my aging and dying Nexus 7 2012. Couldn’t wait any longer for Google to release next generation tablet – plus at $89 how can you go wrong! Sideloaded the Google Playstore and installed all my Google apps (chrome, Drive, Docs, Calendar, Photos, etc) and turned off all the similar Amazon apps so I could stay in sync with my Chromebook and Android phone. Pretty easy and straightforward to do.

    Replaced Amazon keyboard with Google keyboard so I could swipe type. Simple change in the settings menu once the keyboard is downloaded and installed.

    My wife is the owner of the Prime membership so I set up a profile for her so when I want to use prime video or music I simply change profiles.

    Performance is very good and experiencing no lags. Build quality for me is good (again we are talking $89 bucks). But I am not a gamer -so judge this yourself. Screen quality is fine – no complaints.

    Only complaint is I could not delete the Amazon icons but another Fire user suggested I put them all in one folder and this solved the problem. Moving icons around is a bit cumbersome but gets the job done. Big user of my local library digital book service (Overdrive) and no issue installing the application or downloading to the Fire’s Kindle Reader app.

    Little harder to hold in bed than my Nexus 7 but I bought a $10 handstrap and this solved the problem.

    I am a fan of the Blue Shade. Works.

  • Pixilicious

    My wife’s 8.9 HDX Fire (hardware-wise) is still one of the best tablets available today, even though it’s at least 2 years old & Amazon isn’t selling it anymore. Apparently, they’ve decided that people instead want as-cheap-as-possible devices with mediocre specs.

    As cheap as this is, there are (for me) three deal-breaking problems that keep me from considering this device. The first is the amount of RAM; at 1.5 GB it’s more than the older 8 HD but still too small and it will likely slow things down. Second is the WiFi; they removed the ac protocol which means connectivity will suck as the device moves away from the WiFi source. It’ll not only be more difficult to connect but it’ll be much slower as well. The third is that asinine UI. Once you’ve experienced the stock Android UI, this Amazon version is just ridiculous.

    In addition, there are the usual missing sensors that Amazon never includes which others often do; most notably GPS & compass. If you’re considering this, browse through Amazon for other brands before you buy this; you might be surprised at what you can get for just a little more.

  • Yeah, this tablet is fairly excellent. Extensive community for tutorials on rooting and installing Play Services on it. Still, its geared almost exclusively for the US market, which is alienating to us because we are in Canada.

  • Michael Carabetta

    No rooting required to do side loading. I continue to get operating system updates from Amazon.

  • Michael Carabetta

    Depends what your needs are for sure.

    My Nexus phone has GPS etc and form factor of the phone and cellular connection much more conducive to this kind of usage. Don’t need tablet for this.

    The problem with the other tablets on market is failure to keep up with Android O/S releases (e.g Samsung). Or have abandoned the market (e.g Dell). Looked at them all.

    You’re talking to a guy who rooted his Nexus 7 2012 to go back two operating system releases to get the damn thing to work and replaced battery twice patiently waiting for Google to release a replacement Nexus tablet.

    Couldn’t wait any longer. Fire at 89 is a steal.

  • Reader

    How do you add Coolreader app to the Fire HD 8, not from the Google Store?

  • gclaudia

    Is this worth buying if you live in Canada? I don’t need Alexa, but would like to be able to access Prime Videos (now available here, too) and install Google Play apps (which I understand is possible).

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