• Diana VP

    Hi Michael,
    Thank you for the helpful review and pointing out the weight difference, the feel, and even the sound of the cases! Seeing them side-by-side and hearing the sound difference (seriously) helped me decide to buy the black Paperwhite. The white casing creates an abrupt frame around the screen, giving the illusion of being boxed in and more grey, at least to me it does. If the black casing deludes my brain to thinking that I purchased a larger and brighter screen, even though I know it is an illusion, I’ll make my brain happy with the black one!

    Lastly, as you navigated through the page settings on each device, you stated that the settings were the same. However, my eagle-eye noted that the font selected on the white device was actually set at one size smaller than the black device. I mention this in case it makes a difference in someone else’s decision-making process. Thanks again!

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