Amazon Unleashes Immersion Reading and Whispersync for Voice

Amazon has released two new features that will be critical for the new Kindle Fire HD series of tablets. Immersion Reading and Whispersync for Voice take audiobooks and ebooks to a whole different level.

Immersion Reading brings new harmony to ebooks from Amazon and Audio Books from Audible. It basically allows readers to synchronize a Kindle text with the Audible audio version of that work. While you are reading, the ebook is highlighted as the audio track moves along, making it easier for the reader to follow along. One of the more useful ways you can employ this is by reading a book and listening to the audio version at the same time. People learning new languages could also tremendously benefit from this and don’t forget kids ebooks.

Whispersync for Voice is another new option that, in essence, allows you to read the ebook at home and then pick up where you left off on the audio version. “The ability to seamlessly switch back and forth between reading text on any Kindle and listening to the same title in audio on your smartphone — and always pick up where you left off — means that the story can continue during those times of the day when you cannot look at a screen,” said Audible Founder and CEO Donald Katz in a statement. ”We think that Whispersync for Voice can help us all enjoy more books, which is good news indeed.”

This new Whispersync function would be perfect for people who are reading a book at home and then commuting the next day. You can listen to the ebook version on any official Audible app for the iOS or Android.

These two new features coupled with the Dolby Digital Plus audio capabilities of the Kindle Fire HD should be fantastic for audiophiles. There are custom tuning features that optimize audio and help produce natural, balanced sound with more bass and treble. They also eliminate unnecessary noise and minimize distortion.

What do you need to get all of these new functions right away? You need any new model of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and an iOS or Android device with the official Audible app.

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  • Sherry Snider

    I REALLY love this idea, but Amazon/Audible will have to consider some kind of price bundle to make this popular. No one wants to pay full price for both the ebooks and audio versions. This could bring back the highly effective and enjoyable “read along” books that used 45s or cassette tapes, but price could make or break the immersion reading option. ….crossing my fingers!

  • heluhelu

    I am reading immersion reading version of Pride and Prejudice
    which is available in any device now
    If you are interested in…

  • erssie

    This is on the menu of Kindle Fire in the UK and is mentioned everywhere to market it in the UK Amazon websites as well as offering and asking uk customer to buy both audio and text versions to use simultaneously but after spending that money to buy both we find it does not work but after many hours of fiddlng and c a lls to the helpdesk we are told it is not available in the UK at all with no plans to release nor any plans to remove the marketing on their website. Very cheeky to take money for both versions to sync to be told this is not available in the UK.