Apple iBooks 3.0 to Launch Soon – What New Features Can We Expect?

When you visit Apple’s main website, the first thing that is featured after Safari and Mail is iBooks. The push into digital books is very important in the current market and the iBooks app is going to receive a massive update within the next month. Apple is already referencing iBooks 3 in relation to a submission of a new graphic novel Largo Wench, uncovered by a French website.

What does iBooks 3 have in store for us? I would say eTextbooks and graphic novels are tremendously important. Due to the success of Comixology, Apple will more than likely create a new engine within iBooks to give you guided panel view technology. The ability to give you a unique comic book experience is something you can bet on seeing shortly.

Rumors are swirling around the internet on what exactly we will see in this new build. I would expect expanded abilities to take notes, annotations, and highlights as a couple of new features to be enhanced. Apple may also take elements out of Amazon’s playbook and give support for music and audiobooks via iTunes within iBooks.

The only thing we know for sure is that iBooks 3.0 will have EPUB 3 support! A french author has been tweeting his progress on the matter, and you can follow his exploits HERE.

Michael Kozlowski (5212 Posts)

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