• Luis

    Not much was mentioned at the event on this. When I opened iBooks I was pleasantly surprised to find iCloud support. It was long overdue.

  • Jonathan Agathokles

    The only thing that might make this even better is if they actually made an iBooks app for Android, so people could read their eBooks and audiobooks purchased via iBooks on open android eReaders, but still be able to sync it with iCloud, and have progress, notes, etc., be synced to iBooks for Mac or iOS devices. I doubt *that* would ever happen though.

  • John Aga

    If Apple wants me to try iBooks then they need to create an Android app for iBooks. I am all in with Android. That is the only way I will ever see what they can do. On my Nexus 7 tablet I can do Kindle, Kobo, Nook, etc., but not iBooks and that is a shame.

  • Imprevist

    Ever since I went nexus in 2013 i’ve never looked back. One thing that bothered me about iBooks is the fact that you can’t adjust line spacing, did they finally fixed that?

  • John Smith

    Marvin for iOS doesn’t do audiobooks but it has had things like blue light controls, infinite scrolling if you prefer, and generally a much (much) better experience than iBook for a long, long time.

    On the android side, there are a whole lot of programs — like Moon+ and FBReader — which offer a much better experience, IMHO, than even Marvin on iOS. I’ve tablets in both flavors and I’ll take Samsung and even my 2013 Dell Venue 8 over my iPad Air 2, any day. That’s for a lot of reasons but especially for the ereading experience. Of course, e-ink is a better solution than any of those.

    Given plunging iPad sales, apparently I’m not alone.

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