• I’ve got three or four games on our Kindle. I don’t think my wife is aware that they exist, though.

  • Cool! I don’t think Amazon bothers marketing them or building brand awareness.

  • I’m aware that I can, but I’ve never bothered. My Kindle is for reading. My iPad and Nexus 7 are for games. Tablets just do it better. The slow refresh rate on the Kindle is no problem for reading, but I think it would be awkward for games.

  • Greg L

    When I first got my Paperwhite E-Ink Kindle a couple years ago, I was under the impression that games were not available for it. But a couple days ago I learned that some non-animated puzzle-type games are available. I tried a grid puzzle game, and chess. I’ve been playing them on the daily bus commute to work, where I don’t always feel like reading. They’re great! Animation on an E-Ink Kindle would be terrible, but these games that don’t require animation work fine. The only issue I’ve found is that they seem to drain the battery much faster than reading books.

  • Greg L

    Please consider signing my petition to ask Amazon to bring Active Content to Kindle Voyage and 7th-gen basic Kindle:


  • Teresa Shayne

    My boyfriend likes to steal my phone to play games. He doesn’t want a smartphone. Should I get him a kindle to play his games or do I need to buy something else if he is just wanting to play games and do small searches on the web?

  • Cherry

    You can no longer play games on Kindle readers. My Kindle of 6 years finally quit working. I purchased a new one only to find that they no longer as designed to play games. All of my books transferred but not my games. I had a very long discussion with Amazon/Kindle. I tried to purchase a 6th generation Kindle so that I could continue as before. They are no longer sold new in the USA. KIndle is a great reader but I also want to be able to play games once in awhile.

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