• Stephen Yuan

    Could it possibly be all the traffic generated by their servers converting Fictionwise content to the NOOK store?  I’m hearing stories of people with three or four hundred books from Fictionwise and Ereader.  

  • or more- just got 1432 fictionwise/ereader books transferred over.  I can get them onto my Android devices, but not the eink device.

  • piprogers

    Since getting a B&N gift card for Xmas, I used it to purchase digital video content. I have been trying to access it, with nook video on my iPad iOS 5.1 for the last week. I have been through a vicious cycle of a blank sign-in success screen and the nook video app not recognizing my account email and pass. I have spent evenings using their support chat, being cut off most of the time. And the phone support does not answer the phone – only refers customers to online support. Like I said, vicious cycle.

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