Barnes and Noble Nook for Windows 8 Released

Barnes and Noble has finally released its Windows 8 RT App today and the app looks very polished. Unlike Amazon, the ebook store is tied directly into the app, which means you are not prompted to open your browser when you want to look at the varied selection and make purchases.

Ever since Microsoft invested $300 million dollars into Barnes and Noble, people have been waiting to see how the two sides will join forces with the Windows 8 launch. It seems we now have a proper app available in the Windows RT store and it works in ALL international markets. Living in Canada, I have full access to buy any of the books I want, which is a fantastic change. Ideally, I can purchase ebooks via Windows 8 and then sync them directly to my e-reader.

When you are reading a book in the Nook for Windows 8 app, you have some of the text augmentation options that are available in the dedicated readers. You can adjust the linespacing, margins, themes, fonts, and font sizes. There are options to establish bookmarks and then jump to the specific pages in as many books as you want. Speaking of books, there are almost 3.1 million of them to buy. B&N also has one of the largest digital collections of the top 100 bestselling magazines available for both digital subscriptions and single copy sale, plus a large selection of leading daily and weekly newspapers

“This new NOOK for Windows 8 reading app is the first digital product launch under the recently announced strategic partnership between Microsoft and Barnes & Noble,” says Jamie Iannone, President of Digital Products at NOOK Media LLC. “Our intent was to create a great digital reading and content buying experience for millions of users on Windows 8, and by working closely with Microsoft on the app we’ve accomplished that.”

“NOOK delivers a comprehensive digital reading experience in a Windows Store app. Barnes & Noble took advantage of the new Windows user interface to combine an immersive reading experience with the ability to easily browse, search, and purchase from their extensive content catalog. As consumers continue to embrace digital reading, the NOOK app is a strong addition to the Windows 8 experience,” says John Richards, senior director of Windows App Marketing for Microsoft Corp.

NOOK for Windows 8 is now available to download for free in the Windows Store on all Windows 8 PCs and tablets.

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  • guest

    I cannot find the Nook app anywhere in the windows store. I live in Canada, but Nook doesn’t show up anywhere in the store, even when searching for it. Any ideas?

  • daft_crunk_

    Just downloaded this app I live in Canada and whenever I try to buy a book it tells me that its not available in my country, but I can download the sample of the book just fine :(