Barnes and Noble Simple Touch vs. the Nook Tablet Comparison

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Comparison Video! Today we take a look at two of the leading e-readers issued by book store giant Barnes and Noble. We evaluate the new Nook Tablet and Nook Simple Touch Reader and is a good overview for people unfamiliar with both of these technologies.

The essence of this video is to give you the main selling points in e-ink and full color tablets for your reading experience. We go over the hardware and what makes these devices unique underneath the hood. You will also get a feel for what kind of content shines for each particular device and recommend each e-reader for you based on your needs.

e-Ink is the essence of the Simple Touch Reader, which makes it easy to ready in the direct sun and take with you on your daily commute. Battery life normally excels with these types of devices because they draw little power. You can normally go months without charging the device and normally can charge to full within a paltry few hours. There is enough internal storage, 2G for most of your needs. You can store thousands of books on this e-reader and purchase newspapers, and books from the Barnes and Noble bookstore. This is a dedicated reader whose primary function is to not distract you with a bunch of bells and whistles. It is a very affordable device at around $99 in the USA and more internationally.

The Barnes and Noble Tablet features a 1 inch larger screen then the Simple Touch and gives you dual-core 1 GHZ processors. There is also much more RAM with 1 GB and 16 GB of internal storage for your movies, music and books. This device is made to excel displaying multimedia and content that excels in full color. Kids Books, Magazines, interactive books, and textbooks really shine in vibrant colors. There is also plenty of apps you can download to play games or be productive. The internet experience allows you full access to Adobe Flash content and watching Youtube videos online.

Both of these devices give you a varied amount of options and are very different from each other. We recommend the Nook Simple Touch if you are on a budget and want a low cost reader that you can take with you, wherever you go and is inexpensive enough that you don’t always have to be on your guard. It fits in your back pocket very easy and weighs next to nothing! The Nook Tablet is billed more of a multimedia device that shines with full color. It is less portable and weighs more, but not by much.

You can purchase both of these devices if you live outside the USA via our retail partner WWW.SHOPEREADERS.COM. They have plenty of both in stock and can ship to almost every country in the world, in under 10 days.

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  • Joan Gaston

    Great comparison – very informative and organized.  Thanks I will buy the Nook Simple Touch.  Think the flickering of the
    Nook Tablet would bother me.

  • Lilymonthly

    I appreciate that you took your time to make this review, it was great

  • rudeboyrg

    Tablet isn’t flickering. That is just the way any LCD display looks like when you shoot it with another camera. Try videotaping your LCD monitor on your computer and it will look the same way