Bebook Club S Unboxing Video

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Unboxing Video! Today we open up the new Bebook Club S e-reader! This is the followup to the Bebook Neo and other readers that the company has produced over the last few years.

This device is a 6 inch e-Ink Pearl display with a resolution of 600×800 pixels. It is not a touchscreen device, so you will have to use the built in D-Pad and various keys to access the menus. It is critically important that you power up the unit for 3-6 hours before even turning it on. Otherwise, as displayed in our unboxing video, it will freeze during the boot-up sequence. You then have to leave it powered on until the battery completely drains or remove the battery from the back of the unit. The Bebook forums are populated by users having these errors and the company has assured us they are working on a firmware update.

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  • Geminialpha

    wanted: comparison between club & club S. Manual club S not to find.