E-Reader – A Gadget Dedicated to the Readers of the World

E-Readers have belittled what the big wigs of the hi tech world of today had predicted. The biggies like Microsoft Corp. would never have guessed that their idea of the desktop being the ever shining reading gadget would be proved so wrong so fast. For which other device available in the market allows you to carry all your college textbooks into a small bag and carry them all to the beach, or the subway, or in a plane.

However, e-readers are not without rivals though, and the most obvious of them are the netbook or tablet. And of these, netbook surely has a future. No longer do you have to choose either one of them so far as net connection goes.

It’s like comparing a radio with a TV, trying to find out which one is better. Though the fact is, both are so very different.  And why should it not be so. Let us take a look at the advantages that an e-reader commands over its closest rivals the netbook or tablet PC.

Internet access-
To have internet access on an e-reader will surely be an excellent thing, so long as you have the option to turn it off. To know why, read on…

Quick startup time-
With its quick start up process it beats any tablet or netbook hands down especially when it’s meant to do some quick reading to pass spare time. For instance you’re in an airport lounge or on the move and you are looking to kill some time, surely you won’t like to get held up with a slow start up. The e-reader is there for you as quickly as it would have been possible with a book.

Reading in sunlight-
You are on the beach and you are in the mood to catch up with some reading. An e-reader allows you to do that in perfect ease, just as you would be able to do with a real book. This however, is missing in the case of a tablet or any other form of computer based gadget. Take your netbook with you the next time you travel to the beach to find out for yourself. E-readers also feature the revolutionary e-ink technology that make the display look exactly like a printed paper. You can turn to our e-reader forum for more on this.

Battery life-
This is another area where e-readers can edge past netbooks comfortably. Surely you won’t like to be interrupted every couple of hours with the low battery warning signal. This would have made for an irritating reading experience, and thankfully, e-reader manufacturers have taken account of this aspect. And they have done a good job, for an average e-readers will let you continue with your reading for hours on end, much more than what you get out of your netbooks.

Given its size weight and volume, an e-reader is way more comfortable to hold for longer durations while completing a reading session. The heat emanating from netbooks is another problem area, which has been taken care of well enough in e-readers. In fact, reader ergonomics is one of the prime design criterions of e-readers and these sleek devices have excelled in that.

E-readers are dedicated for readers and reading. They are designed to compete and even perhaps, replace paper books. While they comprehensively beat netbooks in being the perfect reading device, e-readers have not been designed to compete with netbooks. So there’s no reason why you can’t have both. In fact, instead of trying to figure out which one to go for, either an e-reader or a netbook, what you should be thinking of is that whether it would be more comfortable carrying a smart reading device that can hold a few thousand of your e-books or lugging around an extra baggage full of your reading materials.

This would make things far more simple for you.

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