How to Configure Parental Controls on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD comes with a number of parental control options that make the tablet very family friendly. You can lock out specific aspects, such as email, store, videos, web-browser, and many others. In this Good e-Reader Video, we document the entire experience. You can receive step by step instructions on how to set this all up correctly and how it functions.

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    As an advocate of technology and parental controls

    Kindle Fire users with small children should consider FreeTime Unlimited, a subscription service available for $5/month ($3 for Amazon Prime members). Kids have unlimited access to age-appropriate content such as books, games, movies and TV shows from Disney, Sesame Street, PBS Kids and Nickelodeon. You can establish screen time limits, even for specific activities. For example, you can allow unlimited reading time, but limit game play to 30 minutes a day.

    Individual profiles for each user allow you to personalize access by who is logged in. This is a definite advantage if you’re planning to share the tablet between family members. Not only will it mean that your 3-year-old’s games aren’t clogging up your screen when you log into your profile, it lets adults access age restricted functions without having to disable parental controls.

    Great how to!

  • Mikejustis

    The Kindle “Freetime” app is frustrating. If you have uploaded books yourself or downloaded through the Library(not through Amazon) you cannot add them to your childs profile allowing them unlimited reading or any reading of books from a non-Amazon source. This is the only reason I got the Fire instead of a little more expensive tablet by the fruit company. I wish I could return the Kindle!

  • Ricardo

    Hi, does anyone knows how you can block access to the video section in the new Kindle Fire HDX? I activated the parental control setting, but there is no option to block video content, it is only for books, music, photos, apps and documents.


  • Michael Kozlowski

    try downloading kindle freetime

  • Ricardo

    Hi, thanks Michael for the response!

    I think kindle freetime it’s only for purchased content from Amazon, and for now I think it is not possible to use it where i’m from (spain), and also I would like to block videos I put myself in the kindle fire, movies and so on.