How to Fix Font Size Issue with the Kobo E-Reader

The Kobo E-Reader in the small time it has been out has a notorious reputation of having tremendous difficulty with EPUB E-Books that you have downloaded from other Stores.

Normally when you copy an EPUB E-Book you have bought or downloaded from another website, the font will be so small, that it is basically unreadable!

There is now a solution for this, in the form of a small file we offer for download on our forum. The File is free to download, but you have to register a free account to download it. This video tutorial documents the process involved in converting your EPUB Books to have larger FONTS and thusly make your Ebook readable! We document the entire process step by step and show you exactly how to convert your ebook using this program.

You can download the program here

This progam was written by thekidintheclock

Our Video below, documents the entire process of installing the program and using it to convert your EPUB E-Books to Kobo friendly Font Sizes.

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Markus Reily (117 Posts)

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  • Joy

    Got a Mac version?

  • Bob MacDonald

    Got my reader for Christmas – enlarged fonts to read some pdf’s. Not very successful. ┬áRead a real book and reader appeared to hang – couldn’t turn pages. And the page turn hotspot was unpredictable. Then I figured that the hotspot for pageturns was probably being calculated wrong due to the larger font. Dropped fontsize and it appears that the bug in calculating pageturn position is now not so extreme.

  • davidb

    Will this work on Kobo Glo?