How to Get Android Jellybean on Your Nook HD+


The Barnes and Noble HD+ is the company’s only tablet larger than seven inches. It provides a larger viewing screen to make ebooks, movies, magazines, and television shows appear more vibrant. One of the things Barnes and Noble does is lock you into its own ecosystem. This prevents users from loading in their own apps and games. You can root your device, but this voids your warranty and is often complicated. N2A Cards has released a new SD card that is fully compatible with the Nook HD+ to give you a stock Google Jellybean experience.

When you purchase 8, 16, or 32 GB cards from the N2A website, you will be able to dual-boot your Nook HD+. You can simply insert your card into the device and once you initiate a reboot, you will be able to access to Google Play and install any apps you want. Kindle, Kobo, Marvel, Comixology, and many games will be at your fingertips. Anything you install will be on the SD card and if you want to revert to the classic Nook experience, simply remove the SD card and reboot your Nook as normal.

This is often the best method to not void your warranty and the entire process is super easy! This video documents exactly what this is all about!

Contest: Win our review copy of the Nook HD+ SD Card! Simply reply to this post, and we will choose a winner at random! Contest date is Tuesday, January 9th, 2012!

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  • Din CobVald

    very cool..hope I win

  • Molly

    I have the Nook 1st edition and winning this Nook HD+ would be an upgrade and more! Thanks Good E-Reader for the chance.

  • Jim

    Amazing work they’ve done, I hope app developers are paying attention!

  • Ramona

    We have a Nook Color, a Nook Tablet, a Kindle Fire HD, a Kindle Keyboard, and now a Nook HD+ in our house. We have many people who like to read and consume digital media. We have not tried the N2A cards, but we have been very tempted. The Nook is a much better device than the Kindle in our house. The interface is much easier to navigate and the hardware is better (SD storage, faster processing, better display). The difficult part is that we are waaaay deep into the Amazon ecosystem in our house (we’ve had Prime since they started the program). We don’t have any interest in joining the Apple gang so right now we are jumping back and forth between Amazon and B&N. I wish the B&N equipment was at Amazon.

    We now have Kindle Free Time Unlimited for our youngest child and it’s a great way for her to get age- appropriate content without us worrying if she’s going to buy things or get access to inappropriate things. I wish B&N had something like that because we would have passed on the Kindle Fire HD. I still love my Kindle Keyboard for reading, but when it’s time to play or read magazines, I absolutely love the Nook HD+. Maybe Amazon should hire the designers from B&N to really take on Apple and the Nexus.

  • Ramona

    Just watched the video…great explanation. This makes me not like my Kindle Fire HD even more…all the Nooks we have in our house can be android tablets with the little N2A card.

  • Nick

    This would be a nice upgrade to the Nook Color I currently have. Good luck to everyone.

  • Bruce

    I just got my nook hd+ and have been trying to set up the bootable sd card, but figured winning a pre-installed one would be easier. Hope I win, but I think I’ll keep trying on my own, ’cause I’d like the experience.

  • 1lazysheep

    this would come in handy

  • Rick Rosinski

    Did not know you could do this – very useful.

  • Jerris Fong

    I wonder if this is allows me to save my pdfs on the SD card and still be able to detect them on iAnnotate app. Anybody any ideas?

  • Jan

    This is awesome! Super excited to finally found someone or a group to finally work on this!! I’ve been researching for days now on how we can root it to download free apps and use it like a “mac/android” product since we have both mac and droid products. I was planning on returning my hood hd plus TODAY too bc of this problem, but now I don’t have to! I didn’t want to pay for every single app, which is ridiculous! Thanks again!

  • gladeslibrarian

    I’ve been searching everywhere for this solution! As a librarian, I’m offered review copies of new books and would like to have a kindle app on my new nook. Hope I win :)

  • Lisa A.

    Wow, this looks like a great solution! Glad there are people to figure this stuff out for me! LOL!

  • Boris

    Very cool! Thank you for this review.

  • Andria Rivera

    awesome!!! makes it easy for me.Been wanting this for a while now !

  • primart

    I’ve been reluctant to buy a Nook tablet, although I have the Nook touch, waiting for the Kobo Arc to become available in the USA. This new card might be what was needed for me to buy the Nook Tablet, decision time.

  • emo

    How good is the jelly bean’s experience on it though? Does it run smoothly? Right now I’m considering Nook HD+ or the Nexus 7… Still not sure :/

  • edk

    I got Nook HD+ from Staples for $199 on Dec.17. Now is going to get the Jelly Beans treatment via N2A.

  • Ethan C. Nobles

    Love it as I’ve been thinking of rooting my HD+ (I’m happy with the way it works now, but would love to expand it soon).

  • Tim Stafford

    Awesome prize… I can’t to try one of these out!