How to Load eBooks on the Amazon Kindle Fire

In today’s video tutorial we teach you how to load ebooks on your new Amazon Kindle Fire. There are two main programs we teach you how to use today, Calibre and Windows Explorer.

Calibre is a free open source program that allows you to easily edit books and then upload them to your device. One of the main reasons why this program is great is because you can easily edit books you download from the internet. Many books you commonly download have no cover art or the title/author name might not be spelled correctly. This program allows you to change all of that and even import new cover art. We show you the entire process of editing a book and copying it to your Kindle Fire.

Next, we show you how to use Windows Explorer to copy books and understand the directory structure of the Kindle Fire. You can use the essence of this tutorial to copy music, pictures, video, and books.

Michael Kozlowski (5210 Posts)

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  • Hanan Fernando

    Can’t you also email any book to the Kindle Fire’s email address?

  • Luckybird71

    I brook my Kobo today and bought a Kindle Fire, and was having trouble loading my epubs using ADE. Watched your video after some other attempts, and eazy peezy lemon squeezy. Good job, appreciate it.

  • Ruth Boselli

    I copied my ebooks form the computer into the Kindle Fire Books Folder , but these books (.mobi fiels ) appear in the documents library  and not the Books within the Kindle? How could I fix this? Thank you!

  • Dolin

    This site will explain all !

  • Philip Gichohi

     Since the Kindle can take so many books, is it possible to categorize the Books in sub-folders of the Books folder, say Novels, Health, General and Self Improvement.  I am new user in Nairobi Kenya.

  • Ujumbe2002

    Hello Philip, i am having a friend get me a kindle from the US, how will it work in Nairobi? i have read in some blogs that i will not be able to buy books on line and if i do it will be at a higher price than quoted on amazon. is this true? I am getting either the kindle 6″ WiFi or the kindle touch.

  • Pi4332

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