How to Load eBooks on Your Kobo Touch


Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video Tutorial! Today we take a look at the new Kobo Touch e-reader and how to load ebooks on the device. Many people want to know how to load books they purchased from other other websites or have downloaded to their primary computer.

In this tutorial we take a look at two major programs used for ebook management – Calibre and Adobe Digital Editions. Finally we show you how to use Windows Explorer.

The first program we take a look at is Calibre, the free ebook management software suite. It allows you to have a greater flexibility in managing your e-readers and ebooks. It can change everything from ISBN number, author name, and cover art. We show you how to use this program, perform basic functions, and load ebooks on your Kobo Touch.

The next program we show you how to use is Adobe Digital Editions. This is a free program and allows you to transfer ebooks to your device that you have purchased from other stores. Not only does it allow you transfer books you have purchased from Barnes and Noble, Borders, Smashwords, and others, but also Library books. We show you the entire procedure on how to copy books with DRM (Digital Rights Management) via this program.

The final procedure we show you how to employ is copying books manually using Windows Explorer. This is the simpalist method to use but the least flexible.

These three methods are the best solutions available to copy books to your e-reader!

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