Indigo Tech to Launch today at Select Chapters Bookstores

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Chapters and parent company Indigo plan on unveiling a new program called Indigo Tech, launching their expanded tech area in 40 different stores by the beginning of 2014. Not only will they continue to sell e-Readers and tablets, but they have just signed a deal with Apple to carry iPads and Apple TV.

Indigo recorded an $8.2-million loss for the last financial quarter, compared to the $125 million profit they had over a year ago. The main reason the company is in a state of decline is mainly attributed to selling their stake in Kobo. Indigo basically does not hold any allegiances to any one specific vendor and can now expand on their tech portfolio.

A few Indigo stores in Toronto are already starting to develop their core tech areas and will see wider rollout within a few weeks. We have reports that the Brampton location is launching today. We also have confirmed reports that they are expanding their tech offerings and will have close to ten new e-readers and tablets. Most of these will be Apple products, as Indigo signed a distribution and retail agreement. By October, you are likely to see the iPad 5, iPad Mini 2, Apple TV and various cases and accessories be made available.

Indigo said during a recent investors call that it will revamp many of its large format stores to fall in line with the growing popularity of the store-within-a-store concept like many other retailers. The new physical format store will feel like you can meander through a series of shops, each one anchored by books. Indigo Tech is one component of the new format, alongside Indigo Home and Indigo Kids.

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