Introducing the Good e-Reader Android App Store

We have just launched the Beta version of our new Good e-Reader Android App Store! Many Android Application stores on the internet make you install their own personal app on your tablet or phone in order to download and install applications. Many others do not have a wide variety of ebook reading or comic book apps for you to buy content or load your own in. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app store out there that catered exclusively to people who want to read on their device? Enter the Good e-Reader Android App Store!

The essence of our new store is to give you all of the mainstream and leading independent applications for ebooks, comics, essential apps, and alternative app stores. All of our apps are web-based so you can simply open the web-browser on your tablet and download them right to your device. Alternatively, you can download them right to your PC and then copy them manually to your tablet via your USB cable or MicroSD.

Why did we launch this store if Amazon and Google have their extensive editions? Mainly because most major app stores do not run on most Android e-Readers or mid-low range tablets. All of our downloads will work on ANY tablet out there and we put a priority on the e-reading apps. Another reason we started it was because every time we review a new tablet people always ask “How do I get Overdrive on it? Where do I get Youtube or Netflix? The new answer for everyone is the Good e-Reader App Store! Remember, this is the BETA version of our app store, in which all APPS are FREE! It still needs work, but it is loaded with a ton of apps.

You can visit our new App store at

Michael Kozlowski (5146 Posts)

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  • Ryno Bones

    Very nice!  I like getting the APK files rather than slogging through a market app.  Makes for a simple backup when trying new ROMS out.

  • Pavlin Nikolchev

    I wish you good luck with this new project!