Kindle Takes 55% Share of the e-Reading Market



According to an article in Publishers Weekly, 55% of ebook buyers are using Kindle devices for their reading, up from 49% last year. The figures indicate that the Kindle Fire has reached an 18% share in June. This data was compiled by Bowker Market Research.

In June, Apple had a share of 15%, up from last year’s 13%, and most of the reading took place on iPads. In the second quarter Barnes & Noble had a 14% share and this held steady since the fourth quarter of 2011. Interestingly, the number of readers using computers to read ebooks has dropped from 10% to 6%. The chart published in the article does not list Kobo and puts Sony at 1%.

Paul Biba (129 Posts)

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  • Jim

    It should be clarified that this is just for the US and not reflective of the global numbers

  • igor29768

    Interesting statistic. I believe that outside of the USA, Kobo is a comparably popular e-book reader.

  • Ingeborg Rodarte

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