Kobo Arc vs the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Amazon and Kobo have both released their second generation Android tablets. The Kobo Arc and Amazon Kindle Fire HD are both very good and should be high in demand on the road to the holiday season.

Today, we check out the main facets that differentiate both tablets from each other. Both devices are running Google Android, but have developed customized UI elements to make them stand out in a crowded segment. We will show you the ebook, e-reading, magazine, newspaper, and comic book experience. Finally, both do a fair job at video and audio, but we put them head to head to see which one’s better.

Michael Kozlowski (5219 Posts)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.ferguson.393 Bruce Ferguson

    In the Kobo Arc Vs the Amazon Kindle Fire HD you appear to make no comment on the Fire HD’s obvious lag on the video test, and that the Fire HD forces adds on you unless you pay the extra $15 (US Dollars) /£10 to have them removed, but otherwise not a bad review

  • http://www.facebook.com/brittanyroseelder Brittany Elder

    What about reading PDFs, does Kobo allow PDF use? Do both these devices allow for dictionary use when using a txt based PDF file?