Kobo Aura and Kobo Glo Comparison Video


Welcome to another Good e-Reader Comparison Video! Today we take a look at the brand new Kobo Aura, the six inch e-Reader that was unveiled in New York a few days ago. We compare it directly to the flagship Kobo Glo, which has been available since late last year and is the most commonly owned e-readers. Over the course of this video we look at the key differences with hardware and software. If you are thinking of upgrading from the Glo to the Aura, this is a must watch video.

The Glo and Aura are fairly similar in terms of the overall hardware. They have the same resolution and processor, but the Aura has 2 additional GB of internal memory. The big draw about the Aura is the capacitive multi-touch display, which is a first in e-Readers. This new screen is totally flush with the bezel and allows you to easily pinch and zoom PDF files, but also control the front-lit display with gestures.

There are also some dramatic software upgrades found on the Aura, that are not available on the Glo, or any other Kobo e-Reader. Beyond the Book is a great new feature which literary goes beyond the standard dictionary look-up of a word, and gives you more options. For example, the Hobbit has hyperlinks found throughout the book that gives you a full profile on all of the major characters, author and similar books. Check out the full comparison video for a full detailed list of all hardware and software differences.

Michael Kozlowski (5209 Posts)

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  • http://buffaloseven.tumblr.com Brad

    You should probably hit the Sync button on your Glo; it’s pretty out of date. The latest firmware brings most of the Aura’s new software features to the Glo, and a firmware update around the 13th of September should bring them nearly to parity as far as software goes.

  • Jason

    I don’t think the Glo has be available for a number of years….

  • http://goodereader.com/blog/ Good E-Reader

    its been out for a year and a bit, but its their flagship device and is doing well in Canada and overseas market. It will continue to sell for at least a year or two more, as it comes down in price, it will become cheaper for customers in Brazil and South Africa and other emerging markets.

  • David

    In the video review you did not mention whether the Web browser can reformat text so that it fits the screen, no scrolling right and left. Also, will pages formatted by Pocket fit the screen?

  • http://goodereader.com/blog/ Good E-Reader

    double tapping does not make the text flow full screen, you basically just have to pinch and zoom or use the zoom wheel at the bottom.

  • José

    Nice review but I have a question. Does Kobo Aura supports dictionary by selecting a word in a searchable text image pdf?

  • rkmr

    i wanted to ask that is the pdf viewing in landscape mode possible in aura like in aura hd and is there pinch and zoom inlandscape mode?

  • trekk

    This is not true. The Glo has been released in September 2012. Today is the 30th August 2013. So writing “a number of years” is… hmmm… not so well formulated.
    You should also do firmware upgrades before comparing devices with old and new firmware. The Glo on firmware 2.8 has a similar home screen as the new Aura.

  • jmurphy

    the quote from the article is: “Kobo Glo, which has been available for a number of years”. This is not remotely true. Whether it *will be* available for years is irrelevant to the incorrect statement made in the article.

  • http://goodereader.com/blog/ Good E-Reader

    thanks my murphy, i will make the change now. Thank you for bringing it to our attention

  • jmurphy

    “Jason” pointed it out and got an irrelevant reply. “Trek” pointed it (and other issues) out and got no reply. Thank them, not me.

  • http://goodereader.com/blog/ Good E-Reader

    We will test this in the next studio session

  • http://goodereader.com/blog/ Good E-Reader

    Thank you Trekk, so many devices we review, sometimes we get confused. Thank you very much for keeping us honest. We have amended the original review to reflect the date changes.

  • http://goodereader.com/blog/ Good E-Reader

    Thanks mr murphy for again setting us straight, we can’t seem to do anything right, even apologies.

  • Ralph

    How about contrast in Kobo Aura. Worst or Better than the Kobo Glo?

  • Justin Bieye

    which one is better. Compare every single specification, and round it, to see which is the best!

    (Kobo Glo vs. Kobo Aura)