• John Smith

    Whole lot of dissatisfied A1 users on the Indigo website; maybe that explains the production delays as they fixed the hardware.

    In any event, I’m looking for a larger screen but, from those reviews, not *that* one. Think I’ll wait for a better soluton.

  • Yep. Two of mine had issues and the customer service is atrocious. Was on hold 45min two times, and they sent me a wrong unit (the smaller cheaper one).

    After 5 years with Kobo, I switched to kindle. The new unit is nice but the Kindle shows same amount of text on a 6inch unit if you don’t use the Kobo header hack.

  • Igor Engelen

    I’m glad I didn’t wait for the Kobo, happy Tolino Vision 4 hd user now.

  • Hi, can you tell me what dictionary it comes with please? Does it have a definition for “grok”? Thanks.

  • Igor Engelen
  • Thanks for the pics. Sorry, I meant are you able to find the definition of the word “grok” in the built-in English dictionary?

  • Igor Engelen

    I can confirm that the built-in dictionary knows the word ‘grok’

  • Thanks again, Igor — that’s wonderful news! ^^. Just so you know, you can generally measure a dictionary’s completeness by searching for “grok” (if it’s not found, then the dictionary is not very big, so not good). One reason I’ve stuck to the Kindle is because of the built-in Oxford English Dictionary, but now you made me very interested in this Tolino (too bad it’s hard to find in Asia).

    If I were to nit-pick, I would say that the formatting appears to be off (e.g., no line break before “quote-book”), and all that extra code (e.g., “|edition=|editor=|”) makes it harder to read. If you have access to a Kindle, look up the word “grok” also — the formatting is very polished and easy to read. However, if you don’t rely on the dictionary a lot then I guess you won’t mind :).

  • Igor Engelen

    Yw. I’ve been using an old kindle DX for about 6 or 7 years and was really happy with it. For my replacement I wanted an ereader with built-in light but not the bright white variants. I prefer a yellowish glow when reading in the dark so I didn’t have too many options.
    As a side note, I’m using the latest Kindle fonts on my Tolino.

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